Bourbon whiskey was in its golden age before the prohibition era in America, which began in 1919 and lasted until 1933. Bourbon whiskeys were not light and close to each other as we are accustomed to now, but had rich, complex and distinctive features. But unfortunately, this situation changed with the prohibition of alcohol…

During the prohibition period, almost all bourbon manufacturers closed down one by one. Even after prohibition ended, many brands were unable to start production again. Those who started production were also producing Bourbons that were far from their old quality…

Because the producers did not have sufficient financial resources, they either had to mature their whiskeys in barrels for a short time or they made different blends to reduce the cost. These differences in the production process negatively affected the quality of the Bourbons. This was the case for a long time, and as a result, the American palate became less mature and accustomed to light Bourbons.

Request Knob Creek's story begins right here. Adopted from the fathers of bourbon whiskey Booker Noe, created the brand Knob Creek with the aim of restoring bourbon whiskey.

Knob Creek, which is in the small batch category, has a long maturing time, just like before the prohibition era, unlike many Bourbons currently on the market. Spending longer in the barrel, Knob Creek absorbs more sugar from the barrel and stays in contact with the barrel longer, achieving a rich and intense aroma.

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