Undoubtedly, curiosity about whiskey brings with it different features and habits. If you've been under the influence of whiskey culture for a while, it's possible that you might have some of the 20 items below.

1- Single malt whiskeys Coke You can't stand to be mixed with it and wasted.

2- people around you whiskey brands or distilleries When they mispronounce, you need to correct them and you can annoy them.

3- strangely ScotlandYou are familiar with many of the names of many small towns and cities in .


4- Not only do you know these places, but you also look for every opportunity to visit them.

5- Although you argue that everyone can drink their whiskey as they wish, when someone puts ice in their whiskey You are involuntarily disturbed.

6- When you order whiskey at a place, you get scabies when it is less than it should be.

7- Distilleries that are closed or about to be closed always make you sad.

8- NAS You do not take kindly to the issue of whiskeys (year not specified).

9- At least one that you use frequently your pocket flask there is.


10- oak trees You know little about it.

11- Having a distillery of your own is one of your biggest dreams…

12- Another dream is to visit all the distilleries.

13- You know many varieties of whiskey glasses and in fact the most well-known by others whiskey glass Tumbler is your least preferred glass.

14- You have more whiskey glasses than you should have at home, and your favorite among them is Glencairnis .


15- Dave Droom, Charlie MacLean, Ian Buxton and Richard Patterson Names like are equivalent to a famous movie star or rock star for you.

16- When you host guests at your home, you are torn between keeping good whiskey so your friends won't drink it, or showing your friends your precious collection.

17- You try to endear whiskey to your family, friends, and even people you just met.

18- Your whiskey-loving friends around you are now expecting expensive whiskey as a gift on their birthday.

19- You have at least one whiskey that you save for special occasions only.

20- Not only in your bar, but also in your library books on whiskey started to increase.



Source: http://foodanddrink.scotsman.com/drink/30-classic-signs-you-are-an-unrepentant-whisky-geek/