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Baris Mercan is the founder and content creator of veviski.com. He graduated from the University of Nottingham where his interest for whisky initially started to grow. Having 8 years of corporate expertise in marketing and sales, along with being a travel aficionado and having a passion for the whiskies of the world, Baris launched veviski.com, one of the first whisky blogs in Turkey, in 2016. His vision and mission are to share and experience whisky culture through veviski. Baris’ ultimate goal is to create a platform and community where all kinds of enthusiasts are welcome.

His passion for whisky and content creation has led him to become one of the most followed blogs not only in Turkey but also in the world. In 2018 he was awarded with “The Best Personal Blog” in Turkey, and climbed to one of the top 10 whisky blogs globally. Along with writing articles and curating content, Baris regularly organizes whisky tastings, pairing workshops and hosts interactive events for whisky brands globally.

During his whisky journey, Baris visited many distilleries, attended whisky festivals and received various certificates including Edinburgh Whisky Academy and WSET. Baris also supported his whisky education with cigar, wine, gin and raki trainings.

Baris considers himself as a ‘forever enthusiast’ eager to both build professional expertise in whisky, wine, cigar and spirits culture and passionately continue spreading awareness about this unique culture and lifestyle.

Currently based in London and running his brand consultancy company, Baris continues his passion for this culture.

How did my whisky journey begin?

My first memory with whisky goes back to when I was in high school and just digging my father's bar. Well, mostly bad memories... My true passion and curiosity for whisky started in Nottingham, where I did my master's degree.

Before discovering the amazing world of whiskies, I was mostly drinking the popular Blended and Bourbon brands that many of us are familiar with. One day in Nottingham, I was in a pub and just staring tor the bar shelves and shocked by the variety of the whiskies. There were hundreds of whiskies that I had never heard or tasted before.

One day, I wanted to put aside the brands I always drink and try a few of these different whiskeys that I come across almost every day. The first whiskey name that caught my attention was Singleton 12. Right after that, I preferred Talisker 10. While Singleton had fruity aromas like a perfume, Talisker had salty and sooty smoked flavors.

The difference between these two whiskies really surprised me.Where does this difference come from, how is one is fruity while the other is smoky, are both whiskies produced the same way, why are the colors different, what do the different year statements on the bottles mean?All these questions began to appear in my mind with a great curiosity.

After that day, I started to read whatever I could find about whisky to find some answers to my endless questions. The more I read, the more to learn, and the more I learned the more I began to wonder and taste. I also supported my reading and research with tasting and different courses.

In time, whisky culture started to find more space in my life. This new "hobby" of mine also took my friends' interest and we find ourselves either tasting or talking about whisky. In these small tasting sessions, as a newly "Whisky Nerd" I was excited to talk and shared my humble learning about whisky.

As someone who loves to write and share, I thought why not share all of my whiskey learning and discoveries, in other words my "Whiskey Adventure", with other whiskey lovers and "veviski.com" emerged...

I hope you'll enjoy following my whisky journey! Please feel free to drop me a message to start a conversation!

Baris Mercan

veViski is a sharing site founded on the curiosity and passion for whiskey culture. The biggest aim of veWhiski is to contribute to the newly emerging whiskey culture in Turkey. While doing this, it is to share with whiskey lovers by trying, discovering and experiencing new and different things as much as possible.

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