What is Rum? Brief History of Rome

Rum is a high-alcohol distilled liquor whose raw material is cane sugar. Rum, which is generally produced in Central America, Latin America and the Caribbean islands, is also known as the "Pirates' drink".

The word rum (Rum) means "noise, uncontrollable" in the local language of the region. rumbillion It is said to derive from the Different sources state that Rum may have come from Saccharum, the Latin for sugar.

The story of rum begins with the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus in the 15th century and bringing sugar cane to the exotic islands surrounding this continent. Rum, which was first produced in Brazil, Barbados and Jamaica in the 1700s, became a very popular drink in the colonial countries of America towards the 18th century.

Made with rum, sugar, water and lemon Rum Sling It is known as America's first cocktail.

Günümüzde Dünyadaki rom üretiminin neredeyse %80’i Karayip adalarında yapılmaktadır.

The British navy is in the rum queue…

How is Rum Produced?

For rum production, firstly, the molasses mixture left over from the distillation of sugarcane juice and sugarcane juice is fermented.

This fermented mixture is distilled in conventional pot still or column stills. It is then put in oak barrels to mature. In rum production, old Bourbon barrels are generally preferred.

Belirlenen süre boyunca fıçılarda olgunlaşan rom, su ile seyreltilerek %37,5 derece ve üstü bir alkol seviyesinde şişelenir.

Just as in whiskey production, so too in rum production. "ripening" phase is very important.

Much of the rum's character is formed during the ripening process. Depending on the type of cask preferred for ripening or the duration of ripening, the character of the rum differs.

Since rum production is generally in hot climates, maturation takes place very quickly, and therefore, there is no need for aging for many years. (Just as whiskey matures faster in America than in Scotland).

One of the most important differences of rum from whiskey;

Rum is not a drink with strict controls and regulations. It is even said that every island in the Caribbean has its own special rum. Therefore, we can call rum a free drink.

Rom is without regulations and strict controls. "free" it is a drink.

What Are the Types of Rum?

There are many different types of rum in the market. But as in whiskey, we are not faced with concepts such as Single Malt, Blended, Malt Blended, Bourbon. Rums are usually separated according to their maturation year.

In general, we can examine ROMs under 3 headings.

  • White (Silver, Light): They are colorless and flat flavored rums that are aged for about 1 year. It is generally used in cocktails.
  • Gold: They are rums that spend more than 1 year in the barrel and have more complex flavors than White rums. Again, they are often used in cocktails.
  • Dark (Black): They are dark colored rums with complex flavors aged in barrels for 3 to 8 years or more. For this category, we can call the single mattes or aged blend whiskeys of the rum world.

Apart from this, it is possible to see different types of rums such as Premium Aged, Navy and Spiced.

Prominent Rum Brands;

  • Angostura Rum (Trinidad and Tobago)
  • Appleton Estate (Jamaica)
  • Bacardi (Puerto Rico)
  • Captain Morgan (Puerto Rico)
  • Diplomatico (Venezuela)
  • El Dorado (Guyana)
  • Havana Club (Cuba)
  • Mount Gay Rum (Barbados)
  • Ron Barcelo (Dominican)
  • Ron Zacapa (Guatemala)
  • Tanduay (Philippines)

How to Drink Rum

Rum is a type of drink that we can call a "mixer", which is usually used in cocktails. Of course, there are many roms that break this generalization.

There are rums with a flatter character that you can add to give sweet flavors to cocktails, as well as very characteristic, complex rums that you can drink alone, just like a Single Malt. In particular, we can show Dark, that is, aged roms in this category.

Actually “How to Drink Rum?” The answer to the question is the same as the answer I can give when we ask the same question about whiskey: Drink rum however you want!

Rum can be drunk with ice, soda, cola (Cuba Libre), lemon juice (Daiquiri), different fruit juices (Piña Colada), in short, many different ways. What matters is how you enjoy it!

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    I've been drinking rum for about 7 years now I don't enjoy any other drink I'm really happy

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    Space rum is a soft drink that should be tried beyond awesome dry 🙂


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