which is the standard expression of the brand Ardbeg 10, %46 alkol oranına ve 10 yıllık bir olgunlaşma süresine sahip. Uluslararası birçok ödüle sahip olan Ardbeg 10, aynı zamanda ünlü viski yazarı Jim Murray It was also named the best single malt of 2008 by

Scotland's Islay for Ardbeg, one of the region's leading distilleries. peat/peat We can say that it is one of the brands that makes its use felt most clearly. It is possible to say this for all expressions of the brand, including Ardbeg 10.

So what is this peat/peat?

We can briefly define peat as a black, spongy hard coal consisting of decayed plant remains and moss. With this definition, peat may not sound very good, but let's mention that the sooty, smoky, smoked and medicinal notes that many whiskey lovers (including me) like very much, passed into whiskey with the use of this plant charcoal in the drying phase of the barley. (For more detailed information…)

The most interesting feature of Ardbeg 10 is its very light color, almost reminiscent of white wine. It has very intense peat, wood and rubber smells.heavy and moodyI think it is a very nice contrast that the Ardbeg 10 with the ” character has such a light color. This contrast is also good proof that the color of whiskey doesn't always tell the truth about its tasting profile.

Ardbeg 10 (İskoç Single Malt, %46 abv)

Nose: A dense layer of peat, burned wood, car tires and menthol. In addition to these, lemon and caramel that make itself felt behind.

Palate: Dense peat and burnt oak on the palate in the same way as the nose. We can say that Ardbeg 10 is a whiskey that is chewed, not drunk. It almost covers the entire palate with its full and creamy texture.

Vanilla, coffee (I might even say Sumatran, one of my favorite coffee beans) and a little bit of fruity notes. In addition to these, it is possible to get bitter sweetness and slightly salty flavors of dark chocolate. A very complex but equally balanced palate.

Finish: A long oily finish. Peat, leather, anise, vanilla and black pepper.

Overall: I can say that Ardbeg 10 is one of the whiskeys that best reflects the Islay character. With its complex, dense and balanced structure, the Ardbeg 10 is a dignified classic.

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Ardbeg 10
With its complex, dense and balanced structure, the Ardbeg 10 is a dignified classic.
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  1. Hakki Taşezen

    My friend brought it and tasted it for the first time the other day. I liked it very much.
    In general, I like The Macallen, but its taste and smell seem more intense.
    Sooty smell and taste is amazing.
    A fine Single Malt whiskey.



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