Frank SinatraHe is arguably one of the most influential artists of all time. Sinatra was not only a world-class singer, but also an Oscar-winning movie star, a Las Vegas-shaking showman, and a gentleman with charisma.

Sinatra was also known as an avid whiskey aficionado. Sinatra had a particular passion for whiskey, which he could not put down not only on stage but also in his daily life. Jack Daniel's

This is Frank Sinatra Tennessee There are many stories about his fondness for whiskey, as well as many famous statements that he himself has made public. For example, Sinatra once raised his glass slowly while looking towards the audience on stage. It's Jack Daniel's, Drink of the Gods (original statement “the Nectar of the Gods") said.


Another story is Sinatra's 4th and last wife. Barbara SinatraFrom the book “Lady Blue Eyes: My Life with Frank” by . In her book, Barbara stated that Sinatra always smelled of lavender, Camel cigarettes and Jack Daniel's.

Sinatra's fondness for Jack Daniel's has been the subject of not only books but also songs. One of Frank's closest friends and a member of the Rat Pack. Dean Martin's famous I Love Vegas in the song, I love Vegas, like Sinatra loves Jack Daniel's well “I love Vegas as much as Sinatra loves Jack Daniel's” The words humorously describe Frank's passion.


Fred Minnickwrote by "Bourbon: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of an American Whiskey”, it is said that Sinatra discovered Jack Daniel's on a night when he could not sleep in the early 1940s. The book also includes Sinatra's for Jack Daniel's. "The gasoline that's been running my engines since that night" also mentioned as.

According to some sources, Sinatra consumed 1 or 2 bottles of Jack Daniel's a day. Mistake Brown Forman (The firm that owns the Jack Daniel's brand) is said to have even hired someone whose sole job at that time was to prevent Sinatra from being without Jack.

He did not leave Sinatra alone in his grave, his whiskey, which he kept with him throughout his life. Jack Daniel's No. 7 It is said that he was buried with…

Brown Forman does not neglect to honor Sinatra's passion for Jack Daniel's, which continued throughout his life and even after, and his dedication to the brand and makes special expressions on behalf of the legendary name.

Launched in 2013 Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select and specially produced for Sinatra's 100th birthday in 2015 Sinatra Century. (Click for my Tasting Notes)


I've known myself as a very tight Frank Sinatra I am a fan. Sinatra is truly one of the few icons in history, not only with his voice, but also with his movies, shows, style and colorful life (and just as dark…).

I can listen to Sinatra's unique voice at any time of the day and in any place. But I must state that Sinatra's songs are especially enjoyable when sipping my whiskey…

SpotifyI created in Sinatra Playlist If you wish, you can also add pleasure to your whiskey pleasure. By the way, in addition to the songs, the playlist includes very entertaining monologues from the Rat Pack show, and I strongly recommend you to listen to them.


Bourbon: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of an American Whiskey, Fred Minnick


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