in 1851 Arthur Bell Bell's Original, the standard expression of the Bell's brand founded by Bell's brand, consists of a blend of approximately 40 malt and grain whiskeys. At the center of the Bell's Original blend Blair Athol while malt is included, Dufftown, Glenkinchie and Caol Ila and other prominent whiskeys in the blend.

Bell's, one of Scotland's best-selling blends in the 1970s, is now a very popular brand, especially in England.

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Bell’s Original (İskoç Harman, %40 abv)

Nose: Sugary flavors such as vanilla, caramel, honey and apple are accompanied by grain and light synthetic (yellow tube glue and gauze) scents. With the first sniff, the distinct youthful smell of alcohol softened with the airing of the glass. But I can say that sweet aromas disappear with this airing.

Palate: The caramel, apple and vanilla flavors that I take on the nose are also present on the palate, albeit a little. Spices and grain character are dominant. Salted nuts and very light oak. Although I cannot say that it is a creamy whiskey, its fullness on the palate is surprisingly successful in this price range.

Finish: A short, warm, dry and very slightly salty finish. Sweet aromas feel very light.

Comment: In general, I can say that Bell's Original is a good price-performance blend. Despite its volatile aromas, grain-dominant character on the palate and a short finish, it is a successful expression for its price range, with its easy-drinking and full-bodied structure.

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Bell's Original
Price-performance blend. Despite its volatile aromas, grain-dominant character on the palate and a short finish, it is a successful expression for its price range, with its easy-drinking and full-bodied structure. 
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  1. Evren K.

    Greetings, I recommend those who want to buy Bell's for pleasure and pleasure, not to be fooled by the price. As someone who has tried many affordable whiskeys as a daily drink, I can easily say that Bell's is the worst whiskey I have ever drank. Whiskey is a drink that doesn't have a pleasant hangover, but unfortunately, after two doubles, it makes me have a headache the next day and wonder if I drank raki. I definitely do not recommend.

    • & Whiskey

      And frankly, I've always heard good reviews about Bell's. Many are from my immediate family. Of course, everyone's opinion can be different.

    • Rifat ACICI

      Me and my people have been drinking BELLS whiskey for years, and I've never seen or heard of him doing anything like a headache. I think it's the best whiskey sold in Turkey for its price.

      • mysteriousgenc

        you found whiskey for 80 TL in this market, kiss it on your head 🙂 but I like glen talloch too, try it too

    • Mustafa

      I've been drinking it for years. I don't agree with everything you say, I think it's the most comfortable and enjoyable whiskey among all whiskeys. Neither headache nor nausea does either

    • Arda

      Bende daha önce çok içtim ve severdim. Sürekli içtiğim Viski değildi. En son 1 litre aldım ve içtim kafası çok güzel yaptı ama ertesi gün akşama kadar baş ağrısı ve halsiz yaptı. İkinciye tekrar içtim yine aynı yaptı. Başkasına içirdim onda da baş ağrısı yaptı. Bence büyük marketlere aradan sahte içki satıyorlar. Ben asla Migros ve Carrefour dan başka yerden içki alıp içmem. Ama bu viski normal değildi.

  2. Hakan

    It's a shame that a whiskey that came out of my favourite, they could have made it even better.

    • whiskey

      Frankly, it's not a whiskey that I take much work on. Since it is a young blend, its alcohol character is evident, but we owe its affordable price to its youth 🙂



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