Benriach 12 Herodotus Fumosus, of Scotland Speyside one of the leading distilleries in the region BenriachA single malt produced from barley treated with peat fire and matured in sherry barrels.

Expression, which is finished in Spanish Pedro Ximenez sherry barrels after being matured in American oak barrels, is bottled with an alcohol level of 46 degrees.

in the name of the expression "Herodotus Fumosus" phrase “Smoky Sherry” It means (Sooty Sherry).

Herodotus Fumosus expression, along with Importanticus Fumosus and Aromaticus Fumosus, is included in Benriach's series of peat expressions that are finished in different barrels.

Benriach 12 Herodotus Fumosus (Scottish Single Malt, 46% abv)

Nose: With the first sniff, the sherry-peat combination immediately shows itself. Elegant sooty, smoky scents in addition to raisins, vanilla and citrus. It is also possible to smell woody and earthy scents. Intense, aromatic but balanced structure.

Palate: As on the nose, the sherry-peat balance is also present on the palate. But I can say that the peat character is a little more dominant on the palate. Sooty, spicy and iodine flavors accompany sweet aromas such as raisins and vanilla. Quite easy to drink and still aromatic.

FinishShort-medium length. Sweet spices, salt and light soot.

Comment: Benriach 12 Herodotus Fumosus is a complex and interesting expression that successfully presents the sherry-peat balance. Herodotus Fumosus may be the right choice for those who say, "I like Islay whiskeys, but they should be a little lighter and have sherry flavors".

Benriach 12 Herodotus Fumosus Gusto Whiskey Club We tasted it at the “New Malts, New Tastes” tasting with us. To our tastings with Gusto Whiskey Club from this link .

Benriach 12 Herodotus Fumosus
A complex and interesting expression that successfully presents the sherry-peat balance.
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