Bourbon with (Bourbon) Tennessee The concepts are often confused with each other. The answers to questions such as what are the similarities of the two whiskey types, is every Tennessee whiskey also a bourbon, what are the features that distinguish Tennessee whiskeys from bourbons are often wondered.

In this article, I will try to briefly answer these and similar questions about Bourbon and Tennessee whiskeys.

Bourbon Whiskeys

Let's start with Bourbon first. Bourbon whiskey is named after America. Virginia It is said that he got it from the town of Bourbon in the province of Bourbon. The town of Bourbon was founded in 1785 and is named after the French-born Bourbon family who sided with the British in the American revolution.

The Bourbon name is also KentuckyThere are also those who say that it comes from the Bourbon region or Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

So how did whiskey come to the Americas?If you are wondering about the question ”, I should state that the answer to this question is quite long and is a story in itself. Therefore, I will talk about this in detail in another article.

4 conditions are required for a whiskey to be called Bourbon:

  • It must have been manufactured in the USA.
  • Yapımında işleme giren tahılın %51’i mısır olmalıdır. (geri kalanı çavdar, buğday veya arpa)
  • The barrels used during the maturation period must be new (no whiskey has been kept in them before) and must be burned.
  • En az %40 alkol derecesi olmalıdır.

Sample: Jim Beam, Four Roses, Wild Turkey, Buffalo Trace, Old Forester, George T. Stagg…

Tennessee Whiskeys

To avoid confusion, it is useful to specify from the beginning. What we said for bourbon whiskeys can be said for Tennessee whiskeys. So it wouldn't be wrong to say that every Tennessee whiskey is also a bourbon.

So what's the difference?

The key difference between the two types is that there is an additional process involved in the Tennessee whiskey production process: coal filtration (known as the Lincoln County Process or Charcoal Mellowing).

We can briefly describe this process as follows:

İmbiklerden çıkan %70 alkole sahip alkollü içki (daha viski diyemiyoruz) olgunlaştırma aşamasından önce, Jack Daniel's It is filtered drop by drop through 3-meter tanks where maple wood is wetted with charcoal and then turned into charcoal.

With this process, Jack Daniel's gains the easy drinking and charcoal flavors we are accustomed to. Best-known Tennessee whiskey brands Jack Daniel's and George Dickelis .

In addition, let's add that Tennessee whiskeys, like bourbons, must be produced in the USA, but this production must be in the state of Tennessee.

Bourbon, Tennessee & Ice

While there are many different opinions on how and with what whiskey should be drunk, almost all whiskey lovers agree that Bourbon and Tennessee whiskeys go very well with ice.

I do not prefer ice in whiskey, as it destroys or reduces the notes I like in single malt and complex blend whiskeys. However, ice really suits Bourbon and Tennessee whiskeys. Especially in the summer months when the weather is warm and malt whiskeys are heavy, Iced Bourbons are very enjoyable to drink.

In addition to ice, another thing I attribute to Bourbon and Tennessee whiskeys is music. country and blues types go great with these whiskeys… If you are a fan of these types, I created a collection on Spotify. & Bourbon PlaylistI recommend you take a look at .

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17 Responses

  1. Serdar Yilmaz

    Greetings, how is the distillation process in bourbon production? What type of distillation is Pot still, Coffey still made? Or is it a combination of these? Thanks…

    • & Whiskey

      Hello. I can say that the retort in America is a bit complicated. Although coffey retorts, that is, industrial retorts, are generally preferred, there are exceptions. For example, it is possible to see traditional copper alembics in the production of bourbons such as Woodford Reserve. Good day.

  2. İlker

    I wonder which one is not industrial production but domestic production in the US market and which is the most difficult...

  3. Kerem

    What is your recommendation for Buorbon visti, thanks in advance…!

    • & Whiskey

      It is very difficult to give advice on whiskey, because everyone's taste and expectations are different. Buffalo Trace, Woodford Reserve, Knob Creek are my favorite brands. The tasting notes of these whiskeys are available on, you can take a look and decide which one is right for you.

  4. conqueror

    There are different Label Batch numbers on Woodford Reserve Bourbon bottles, which I'm also curious about. And there are separate bottle numbers. For example, I bought Label batch 0860. Is there any difference to this? For example, is 1025 or 0725 better or worse? Thank you so much

    • & Whiskey

      Since it is produced by the sour mash method, each batch may differ. Of course, these differences are at micro levels and it is not possible to understand. According to some, certain batches are better than others. Of course, this concept of "good/bad" varies from person to person. Frankly, I haven't encountered a significant difference between the batches yet.

  5. Esra

    I'm surprised now that Jack Daniel's isn't bourbon! It is the purest drink for me. Of course, I would be very happy if you suggest similar types of whiskey that does not cause ligament pain and hangover.

    • whiskey

      It actually fulfills all the conditions to be a Bourbon, but due to the process I mentioned in the article, it is counted as "Tennessee" whiskey. It is not possible to distinguish between "hangovers" and "non-hangovers" in whiskey 🙂 It depends more on your body, your mood on that day, what you eat, how much you drink, and how you drink.

  6. Erman

    Hello. I'm new to whiskey, your videos and articles are very helpful. When I saw 22 songs on the playlist that I already liked, my confidence in your taste increased. The one who has such a musical taste is sure to have a good taste. Good luck.

  7. Serhat

    Hello, I love following your articles and videos. In the making of Tennessee whiskey, it says Jack Daniel's soaked maple. So all Tennessee whiskeys are soaked with Jack Daniel's whiskey, regardless of manka? It seemed strange to soak charcoal with whiskey for whiskey production.

    • Baris Coral

      Hello, we can only say this for Jack Daniel's. When it comes to Tennessee whiskey, Jack Daniel's comes to mind first and this brand created the category, so I took Jack Daniel's as the basis for my explanation. Although other brands do not provide information about this, they probably use their own whiskey at this stage.



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