Bowmore 15 Golden & Elegant, inside the distillery Bowmore 10 Dark & Intense and Bowmore 18 Deep & Complex15-year expression of the trilogy, which also includes . Bowmore 18 Deep & Complex, aged in first-fill Bourbon barrels, is bottled at 43 degrees.

Bowmore 15 Golden & Elegant (Scottish Single Malt, 43% abv)

Nose: With the first scent notes of vanilla, caramel, honey, citrus and lime. Fresh scents, which I can describe as very herbaceous and grassy after them. The sooty, smoked and spicy notes, which are in the background at the first smell, become increasingly evident. Balanced and delicious.

Palate: After the nose, there was a rather surprising palate. Spicy, peppery and sooty… Gauze, burnt oak, orange peel and lime. Extremely hot and drying.

Finish: Medium length, peat effect, dry and warm.

Comment: Bowmore 15 Golden & Elegant is an extremely warm and dry whiskey on the palate, with an "Elegant" character on the nose as its name promises. Although there is a peat effect on the palate that will satisfy the business lovers, I wish I could have the fresh and sweet notes on the palate as well.

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Bowmore 15 Golden & Elegant
Sweet, fresh and balanced structure on the nose is followed by sooty and spicy flavors on the palate.
82%Overall Score
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