Gusto Whiskey Club we did with “Malts Crowned with Sherry” Master this special expression that I tried at your taste Mehmet YalcinI would like to share in his own post:

Bowmore's “Limited Edition Sherry Matured”, which was distilled in 1990, was aged in the same barrel for 16 years in the cellars of the island of Islay below sea level after being pressed in just a few barrels, and was bottled as it is, without reducing the alcohol content and without even filtering, as soon as the barrels are opened… Very little This whiskey, which was released in a number of issues and was almost looted by the passionate collectors of Bowmore, was seized by the author of these lines at an auction in 2009 and has been waiting to this day as a “sleeping beauty” at a reliable address in Frankfurt.

This expression, which has been matured in sherry barrels for 16 years, is bottled at 54.7 degrees without reducing the alcohol content.

Bowmore Limited Edition Sherry Matured 1990 (Single Malt, 54.7% abv)

Nose: The peat effect is quite high. Leather, tincture of diode and gauze… These are followed by light sherry and bitters. Intense but not tiring, in a balanced structure.

Palate: Surprisingly soft on the palate… There is a wonderful balance of sherry and peat. It is full and creamy in texture.

Finish: Aromas of peat, raisins, tobacco. Long lasting and dry.

Comment: A very balanced and soft expression despite the intense peat effect. Especially the soft texture on the palate and the harmony of peat and sherry are really successful!

Bowmore Limited Edition Sherry Matured 1990
A balanced and soft whiskey despite the intense peat effect. It presents the character of sherry and peat in perfect harmony.
94%Overall Score
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