Bushmills Original, the standard expression of the Bushmills distillery, is an Irish blend with 3-time distillery Bushmills malts and grain whiskeys.

This expression from Bushmills, other similar Irish blends Jameson and Powers instead of Single Pot Still whiskey in its blend, it contains single malt whiskeys.

The most striking detail about Bushmills is on the bottles. 1608 phrase. Like many people, I thought this date was the foundation year of the brand. However, after a little research, I learned that this date is the date of the permission to produce whiskey in the region where the distillery is located. The establishment of the distillery took place exactly 176 years later, in 1784.

Bushmills Original (Irish Blend, 40% abv)

Nose: Alcohol is in the foreground at the first sniff. With the aeration of the glass, light synthetic notes are felt in addition to the citrus, wood and straw scents.

Palate: Citrus, lime, ginger, honey and a little black pepper. It has a sweetness that I would call cough syrup. A slightly bitter-sweet, mouth-watering palate.

Finish: Short, dry, almond and citrus.

Comment: I can say that I do not like the grain character that continues from the first smell to the finish. Still, I enjoyed the honey, black pepper and syrupy aromas on the palate. Bushmills Original is one of the whiskeys that definitely needs a little aerating in the glass…

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Bushmills Original
Cereal and sweet aromas are in the foreground, a spicy palate and a short finish.
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