June Gusto Whiskey Club The theme of our tasting was Campbeltown whiskeys.

Before moving on to the whiskeys we tried, I would like to briefly talk about Campbeltown, one of the 6 whiskey regions of Scotland.

Campbeltowncovers a very small area in the south of Scotland. Campbeltown, which was home to about 30 distilleries in the 18th century and even considered one of the capitals of whiskey, currently has only 3 distilleries.

These; Springbank, Glengyle and Glen Scotia.

Scotland whiskey regions For detailed information about this .

In addition to sweet aromas such as fruit and caramel, Campbeltown whiskeys are known for their salty, slightly sooty and peaty character. Of course, this may differ from brand to brand and whiskey to whiskey.

Let's taste... 

We tasted really special whiskeys at Campbeltown tasting. Especially before the tasting, there were 2 expressions that got me very excited… Which are no longer produced and almost impossible to find. Springbank CV and one of the world's most famous independent bottlers, Cadenhead's, bottled exclusively for Gusto Whiskey Club. Cadenhead's Campbeltown Blended Malt

The line up in my tasting was as follows;

  • Hazelburn 13 Oloroso Cask Matured
  • Cadenhead's Campbeltown Blended Malt
  • Kilkerran 12
  • Glen Scotia 12
  • Glen Scotia 16
  • Springbank CV
  • Springbank Fresh Sherry Butt Single Cask 2007
  • Longrow Red 13 Malbec Cask Matured

As for the details and tasting notes of the expressions…

Hazelburn 13 Oloroso Cask Matured:

Springbank damıtımevinde yaklaşık 12.000 şişe kadar üretilen ekspresyon, 13 yıl ilk ve ikinci dolum Oloroso şeri fıçılarında olgunlaştırıldıktan sonra %47,1 alkol derecesiyle şişeleniyor.

  • My Tasting Notes: On the nose, fruity notes are accompanied by salty, malty and sooty scents. Caramel and dried fruits far behind. The palate is dominated by the harmony of salt and citrus. Sharp and burning. The finish is salty, oily and slightly fruity. 

Cadenhead's Campbeltown Blended Malt:

Bağımsız şişeleyici Cadenhead’s’ın Gusto Viski Kulübü için 5 Nisan 2018’de şişelediği malt harmanı, %56,9 alkol seviyesine sahip.

  • My Tasting Notes: It gives the impression of a very strong whiskey on the nose. Intense peat, malt and salty notes are accompanied by vanilla and light medicinal scents. There are delicate sweet aromas on the palate. It is quite oily. Sugar and caramel in addition to peaty flavors. In the finish, long and peat character is dominant. A very intense and complex whiskey. (Candidate to be the whiskey of the night… Although there is still a lot of whiskey to taste, I add a star to my tasting notes.)

Kilkerran 12:

1872’de kurulup 1920’li yıllarda kapılarını kapatan ve 2004 yılında tekrar hayata geçen Glengyle damıtımevinin ilk viskilerinden biri. %70 bourbon ve % 30 şeri fıçılarında olgunlaşan ekspresyon %46 alkol derecesiyle şişeleniyor.

  • My Tasting Notes: There are sweet and straw scents reminiscent of Irish whiskey on the nose. These are accompanied by light peat and medicinal scents. A surprising amount of sweetness on the palate… Brown sugar, chocolate vanilla and honey are the prominent flavors. Light sherry and fruity. Sweet flavors dominate the finish, medium length.

Glen Scotia 12:

İskoçya’nın en küçük damıtımevlerinden biri olan Glen Scotia’nın 12 yıllık ekspresyonu, eski bourbon fıçılarında ve yerin altındaki mahzenlerde yıllandırılıp %40 alkol seviyesi ile şişeleniyor.

  • My Tasting Notes: Fruity scents are accompanied by salt and very light soot. As I wait, the sweet aromas increase and become what I can call a perfume. On the palate, there are citrus, salt and spice aromas. Additionally malt and honey. The finish is medium length. Similar to the palate, sweet-salty harmony prevails. 

Glen Scotia 16:

Glen Scotia’nın 16 yıl bourbon fıçılarda olgunlaştırıp %46 alkol derecesi ile şişelediği ekspresyonu.

  • My Tasting Notes: On the nose, honey and vanilla accompany the scents of wood, butter and toast. Citrus, oak, iodine and spice on the palate. Pretty oily. Long, spicy, oaky and slightly sweet in finish. For this expression, I added a star to the end of my tasting notes. So far, my favorite expression after Cadenhead's.

Springbank CV:

The CV expression in Springbank distillery's selection of Nas whiskey is a single malt produced by mixing 7 to 14 year old malts from different barrels (Bourbon, Sherry and Port wine).

  • My Tasting Notes: On the nose, fresh sea notes accompany the citrus, old wood and dried fruit scents. Sweet aromas predominate on the palate. Citrus and caramel. Sweet aromas are followed by peaty spicy flavors. Extremely complex and powerful. The finish is medium length, iodine, dry and sugary.

Springbank Fresh Sherry Butt Single Cask 2007:

Bulması oldukça gün olan bu ekspresyon, Springbank damıtımevinin Springbank Society üyelerine özel üretmiş olduğu 594 şişelik bir serinin parçası. Olgunlaştırılmasında Şeri Butt fıçısından çıkan ekspresyon %57,2 alkol derecesine sahip.

  • My Tasting Notes: It has sharp aromas that bring tears to my eyes as soon as I approach the glass. Alcohol is very prominent at first. A very distinctive sherry scent with a little aeration in the glass. Sherry is followed by a sharp scent of polish, citrus and dried fruits. It is also very strong on the palate, but nevertheless easy to drink. Dry and burning. Liqueur flavors and dried fruit flavors. Citrus and sherry at the end. Dry, burning and very long finish.

When I dropped a few drops of water on this expression, which I found too strong, I liked the sweet aromas that emerged as the burning of the alcohol decreased. 

Longrow Red 13 Malbec Cask Matured:

Springbank damıtımevinde yoğun turba ateşine maruz bırakılarak üretilen ekspresyon, 12 yıl eski bourbon fıçılarda yıllandırıldıktan sonra 15 ay süreyle Güney Afrika’dan gelen eski Malbec şarabı fıçılarında olgunlaşıyor. Sadece 9000 adet üretilen bu viski %51,3 alkol derecesine sahip. 

  • My Tasting Notes: Medicinal scents such as medicine cabinet, iodine and tincture diode are accompanied by sea salt and wood. Here I likened the smell of wood to a cigar box. With a little airing of the glass, fruity aromas became evident. It is surprisingly sweet on the palate. Citrus and raisins. The sea effect on the nose is also dominant on the palate. It accompanies him, albeit very little. The finish is medium to long. Dried fruit and soot.

Summary of Tasting

The Campbeltown tasting was a really special one for me. Because of the Scottish regions, the Campbeltown region was the one I dominated the least.

In this tasting, besides tasting the very special whiskeys of Campbeltown, I got very good information about the region from Mehmet Yalçın. 

Although I have a hard time choosing my favorite whiskey for my taste Cadenhead's Campbeltown Blended Malt and Glen Scotia 16 I can take your expressions one step ahead. for me after that Longrow Red 13 Malbec Cask Matured and Springbank CV is coming.

But as I mentioned, it is really difficult to choose your favorite in a line up of very special whiskeys like this one… I will share more detailed tasting notes about each expression in the coming days, as always. 

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