Whisky Bars

The best whiskey bars and shops from different countries…

Whiskey Bars: London

The best whiskey bars and whiskey shops in London, which is perhaps one of the richest cities in whiskey... In my last London trip, I visited the city through the eyes of a whiskey blogger, although I had been there dozens of times before.

Whiskey Bars: Dublin

Whiskey bars you must go to in Dublin! Two great whiskey bars I discovered during my trip to Dublin, one of the old capitals of whiskey: The Dingle Whiskey Bar and The Temple Bar.

Whiskey Bars: Prague

Prague is a city rich in many different types of liquor, including whiskey. There are many places where you can try different kinds of beer, whiskey, cocktail, wine or absinthe.

Whiskey Bars: Amsterdam

A whiskey bar you must visit in Amsterdam: WhiskeyCafe L&B. Home to nearly 2000 types of whiskey, WhiskeyCafe L&B is one of the best whiskey bars in the world...