Whiskey Beginners

How to Read Whiskey Label?

If you look at the shelves with dozens of options in the market, monopoly dealer, duty free or special liquor stores you go abroad for minutes, and if the question "Which whiskey should I buy?" appears in your mind, this article may be useful for you!

Clichés About Whiskey

As in every subject, there are some generalizations and stereotypes for whiskey. These generalizations are often resorted to when there is a lack of information. The most common cliché comments and generalizations about whiskey.

How Whisky Is Made?

Whiskey making/production varies slightly by country, region and distillery, but basically all distilleries follow some basic production steps. These; malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation and maturation...

The Beginner's Guide to Types of Whiskies

Whiskeys vary according to the grains used in the making and the production processes. There are many types of whiskey. Single Malt, Blended (Blend) and Bourbon are the most well-known varieties. If you are wondering about the basic whiskey types and their features, this article is for you...