Cheers, meaning "in Turkish"Cheers“It may be one of the first English words that anyone who is introduced to any alcoholic beverage learns. We can say that Sláinte is one of the first words learned by those who are interested in whiskey.

So what do you mean Sláinte?

Sláinte originally means "health" in Irish Gaelic. If you want to toast and say cheers at a pub in Ireland “Sláinte' will suffice. If you want to go a few levels further, "Sláinte mhaith” (mhaith means “good”), or “Sláinte chugat” (chugat means “you”).

In Scotland, instead of "Sláinte mhaith", with a slight change in the word, "Sláinte mhathYou can remove your whiskey by saying ”.

Since the pronunciations of both Irish and Scottish Gaelic are very different from their spellings, it is useful to specify their pronunciation.

  • Sláinte mhaith: Silanci-Va
  • Sláinte chugat: Silanci-Hagid
  • Sláinte mhath: Silanci-Va

If you think these are easy, try “Sláinte agus táinte”, but unfortunately it is too difficult to pronounce…


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