Chivas Regal Ultis, Scotland Speyside A Malt Blend (Blended Malt) consisting of a blend of 5 malt whiskeys from the region. Ultis includes malt whiskeys from Tormore, Longmorn, Strathisla, Allt A'Bhainne and Braeval distilleries.

Let me also point out that the expression refers to the brand's 5 chief blends (Charles Howard, Charles Julian, Allan Baillie, Jimmy Lang and Colin Scott) with their blend content and special bottle design.

For detailed information about Blended Malt and other whiskey types “Types of Whiskey” .

Chivas Regal Ultis (İskoç Malt Harmanı, %40 abv)

Nose: A very soft nose with scents of citrus, vanilla, caramel and oak. Cinnamon accompanies fruity notes that get richer as you smell.

Palate: Spicy flavors are added to the fruity and sugary aromas we get on the nose. It is accompanied by caramel, honey, vanilla, peach and ginger, cinnamon and very light black pepper. It is full, creamy and quite easy to drink.

Finish: Medium length finish with vanilla, cinnamon and oak flavors.

Comment: Chivas Regal Ultis is a special whiskey that sets itself apart from other expressions in the brand's portfolio. In general, I can say that Ultis is quite light, easy to drink, balanced and full. Very light on the nose, rich and soft on the palate…

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Chivas Regal Ultimate
A very easy drinking, balanced and full expression. Very light on the nose, rich and soft on the palate...
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