Chocolate and Whiskey… Although some whiskey lovers do not prefer dessert with whiskey, the number of those who see whiskey and chocolate as an inseparable couple is not small at all. Sometimes, when you sip a nice whiskey with a quality chocolate, you can get a really perfect taste on the palate.

Of course, not every chocolate and every whiskey can make a good pair together. Just like whiskey, chocolate can have very complex and rich flavors. That's why chocolate knowledge is as valuable as whiskey knowledge in order to achieve a good taste. This knowledge can be acquired by experience, as in everything else. & WhiskeyWhile trying to enrich our whiskey knowledge, I will try to discover excellent flavors and share them with you by researching and testing the harmony of whiskey with chocolate as much as possible.

Of course, tastes and colors are indisputable… These preferences and comments will be entirely our own. That's why the best thing is to be a partner in these trials along with the trials in & Whiskey and find flavors suitable for your palate by making your own discoveries.

Bon appetit and Sláinte!

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