When you see whiskey and coffee in the same sentence, I'm sure you immediately think of it. Irish Coffee has arrived. Although I love whiskey and coffee separately, I could not like Irish Coffee. The most important reason for this is that the original Irish Coffee recipe contains a little too much sugar, and therefore I can not get the taste of both coffee and whiskey as much as I want.

I shared the story of Irish Coffee with you in one of my first articles. Those who have not read or want to remember again from this link can access the article.

While I was thinking about how to get these two flavors without sugar at the same time and in the most intense way, I thought of trying something different. Slowly straining the whiskey from the coffee beans…

Before sharing the results of this experience, I would like to share the materials for those who want to do a similar experiment.

  • Hario v60 Dripper
  • paper filter
  • Fresh unground coffee beans
    • African Blue and Guatemala Grande (obtained from Tchibo)
    • You can choose the core according to your personal tastes.
  • A wide mouth mug
  • And of course whiskey!
    • Whiskey preference can also change depending on your request.
    • so as not to be unfair to the Irish JamesonI chose .

coffee jameson

Briefly, I did the experiment as follows: After placing the paper filter in the dripper, I poured the beans here. Then I poured the whiskey slowly over the coffee beans in a circular fashion until the glass was full.

Before I tried this, I thought the taste would not be very pleasant, but the result was better than I expected!

First Core (Guatemala Grande) & Jameson

Guatemala Grande, yumuşak içimli, dengeli, yüksek yoğunlukta ve %100 arabica bir çekirdek.

  • Nose: Although the familiar fruity/floral scents of Jameson were felt, the coffee scents were more dominant. The scents of wet wood, soil and leaves came to the fore. An intense and delicious scent…
  • Palate: When the silky-textured Jameson and the soft-tasting texture of Guatemala Grande beans are combined, a pleasant palate has emerged. An intense coffee flavor in addition to sweet flavors such as vanilla and lemon. Overall well balanced and delicious.
  • Finish:  The aroma of coffee diminishes, and honey and vanilla come to the fore. Jameson's short ending seems a bit too long.

Second Core (African Blue) & Jameson

African Blue is less dense and aromatic than Guatemala Grande.

  • Nose: A sharp spice with fruity/floral scents.
  • Palate: Again a silky drink. The coffee density on the palate is less than Guatemala Grande. Sweet spice aromas are accompanied by vanilla and honey.
  • Finish: Medium length finish. The coffee taste is in the background. Spices and honey dominate.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, I can generally say that this experiment exceeded my expectations. my favorite out of 2 matches Guatemala Grande & Jameson it happened.

The first reason is that I have come closer to my goal of intensifying the aroma of whiskey and coffee at the same time. The other reason was that these two produced a more balanced whiskey overall.

In summary: I may not prefer the drink that emerged as a result of the experiment on a daily basis, I may try different whiskey & coffee experiments in the coming days as the result exceeded my expectation positively.

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