hedonism, Compass BoxA grain blend (Blended Grain) that was first introduced in 2000. Hedonism is a blend that contains only grain (grain) whiskeys. However, these grain whiskeys have longer maturation times, unlike the grain whiskeys used in many blends.

Compass BoxIt would be unfair to speak of 'will only be a bottler. The company has a very serious barrel finding, maturation and blending operation and they attach great importance to innovation. Therefore, they “Whiskeymaker” they prefer to say.

Compass Box Hedonism features grain whiskeys from Cameron Bridge, Carsebridge, Cambus, Port Dundas and Dumbarton distilleries. However, these whiskeys may vary according to the batch (batch) produced that year.

In this process of Hedonism, which is matured in American oak barrels, there may be changes depending on the series produced and the availability of the barrels, just like the whiskeys in its blend.

This detail is also on the brand's website. “We only produce Hedonism when we find casks with the right flavor profile”, that is, "We produce hedonism only when we find the right casks".

Compass Box Hedonism (Blended Grain/Grain Blend, 43% abv)

Nose: It has a very elegant and soft character. Lots of vanilla, caramel, cookie scents. Very light oak and dried fruit notes from the back.

Palate: It has a full and bodied structure that plasters the palate excessively. As in the nose, vanilla is again very evident. Vanilla is accompanied by plenty of spices and black pepper. I also picked up slightly woody and orange flavors behind the palate.

Finish: A long, warm and sweet finish. Cinnamon, caramel and chocolate milk.

CommentCompass Box Hedonism is a very bodied and easy-drinking expression on the palate, with intense flavors that go beyond the image of Grain whiskey we are accustomed to.

Compass Box Hedonism, Nikka Coffey Grain One of the most enjoyable Grain whiskeys I've ever had.


Compass Box Hedonism
It is a very full-bodied and easy-drinking expression with intense flavors that goes beyond the image of Grain whiskey we are accustomed to.
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