Connemara's Turf Mór expression, Ireland's only smoked whiskey brand, is matured in old bourbon barrels and bottled at an alcohol grade of 46. Connemara Turf Mór, the standard expression of the brand Connemara Peated OriginalIt has a higher peat ratio than This rate is around 15 PPM in Peated Original and around 50 PPM in Turf Mór.

*PPM (Phenol parts per million): It is a measure that indicates the amount of peat in whiskey. (For more detailed information)

Let's also mention that the phrase Turf Mór in the name of the expression means "Big Peat" in the Celtic language.

Connemara Turf Mór (Irish Single Malt, 46% abv)

Nose: Peat is quite pronounced. Sooty and coaly. As the glass gets a little airy, toffee and citrus notes reveal themselves. Intense, sharp character.

Palate: Fruity flavors such as apricot and dried figs are accompanied by soot and cinnamon. In addition, it slightly burns the tongue, as if chewing a grain of black pepper. Lastly, I also bought slightly salty flavors. Complex and delicious.

Finish: Long finish. Salty and charcoal.

Comment: I can say that I like the Connemara Turf Mór expression in general. I especially liked the fruit-is-black pepper harmony on the palate and the salty flavors at the end. Compared to Connemara Peated Original, I would say Turf Mór is a slightly more aggressive whiskey.

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Connemara Turf Mor
A delicious Irish with an Islay character...
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