Dalmore 12, the 12-year expression of Dalmore distillery located in the Highland region of Scotland, is aged for 9 years in old bourbon barrels and then transferred to Oloroso sherry barrels for 3 years. Arguably the most striking detail about Dalmore 12 is the wonderful bottle design and the silver deer symbol on the bottle. It's really stylish…

You can check out this article for the story of Dalmore's silver deer symbol.

Dalmore 12 (Single Malt Scotch, 40% abv)

Nose: Tropical fruits accompany sweet notes such as raisins, vanilla and chocolate. Additionally oak, sherry and malt.

Palate: Quite dense and rich. Vanilla, raisins, bitters, coffee and cinnamon. The sherry effect is more pronounced on the palate.

Finish: Medium length. Oak, raisins and cinnamon.

Comment: Dalmore 12 is generally a quality and well-balanced whiskey. Although it offers intense and strong aromas, it is quite elegant.

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My other Dalmore tasting notes…

Dalmore 12
Liqueur, sherry and tropical fruits. Although it has intense and strong aromas, it is quite elegant.
88%Overall Score
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