Legendary chief distiller, 50 years in the industry Richard Paterson tarafından yaratılan Dalmore 40, £6,000 satış fiyatı ile viski severlerin beğenisine sunulacak. Öncelikle sadece 750 adet olarak üretilecek olan Dalmore 40, %42 alkol oranı ile şişelenecek.

Dalmore, one of the most adept brands in maturation, uses 3 different barrels for this expression. Primarily, matured in old bourbon barrels for 40 years Dalmore 40, then sherry is taken into barrels for 7 years. In the last step, the first filling is matured in old bourbon barrels for finishing.

The tasting notes of Dalmore 40 are as follows:

Colombian coffee and marmalade on the nose. Ginger and honey notes are in the foreground on the palate. The finish is orange, apple and liqueur.

Dalmore 40The most striking feature of 's is its unique bottle design. The bottles designed by the French crystal maker Baccarat are made with a special handwork.


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