Dalmore is a brand that is highly respected in the whiskey world with its successful expressions, and is known for its rich and intense flavor profiles, often with orange, chocolate and coffee aromas.

Scotland's Higlands Dalmore, which originates from the region, is also a brand that has made its mark in the minds of all whiskey lovers, with the deer emblem on all its bottles.

This deer emblem on Dalmore bottles has an interesting story dating back to the 1200s…

in Scotland in the 1260s of the Mackenzie clan leader, the Scottish king of the time, Alexander III, saves the attack of a deer. And by shooting just one arrow at the deer…

Wanting to show his gratitude to the clan leader who saved his life, the King of Scots chose the deer symbol that symbolizes this heroism and "Help The KingHe honors the Mackenzie clan with the motto ” (Cuidich ' N Righ in Welsh) in their coat of arms.

Mackenzie's is a family that has owned the Dalmore distillery, which has changed hands many times throughout its history, and has an important place in the culture of the brand. That's why all Dalmore's bottles feature the deer symbol that symbolizes this heroic tale.

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