Although I have close to 50 whiskey glasses of different sizes and shapes at home, when I see a different glass, I would definitely like to buy and try it. Because each glass offers you a different drinking pleasure and performance. 

Denver & Liely Whiskey Glass has been on my mind for a long time as a glass I've been wanting to try. As soon as I received it, I wanted to share the details about the glass and my first comments.

beloved Mustafa OrmanThank you to & for this wonderful glass for the 2nd year of Whiskey!

Australian designers Denver Cramer and Liely Faulkner Denver & Liely Whiskey Glass, created by Denver & Liely, is a very stylish and elegant whiskey glass that is handmade by blowing method.

Each of the limited edition Denver & Liely Whiskey Glass glasses has a special batch number. You can see this number on its box, which is as elegant as a glass. 

Like all tasting glasses, the Denver & Liely glass aims to take whiskey tasting to the next level. When I examine their websites and advertisements, I can say that they are very assertive in this regard.

Denver & Liely Whiskey Glass Design Features

Briefly for the design of the Denver & Liely glass, Tumbler-Snifter We can say it is the opposite of whiskey glasses. While the wide chamber of the goblet resembles a tumbler, it also resembles a snifter with its oval shape and narrowing rim.

One of the most important design features of the Denver & Liely goblet is that it has a narrower rim than its bowl.

Thanks to this mouth part, which narrows from the chamber to the top, the aromas of the whiskey are successfully preserved. This is especially the most important stage of whiskey tastings. nosing quite critical. Likewise, the narrow rim makes it easy to take a strong sip from the goblet.

Let us remind you that many tasting glasses such as Glencairn, Copita, Snifter have similar rim structures (narrow)!

Another prominent design feature of Denver & Liely Whiskey Glass is that it has a highly functional reservoir. This chamber design not only provides a comfortable glass grip in the hand, but also facilitates aeration by rotating the whiskey in the glass. 

Denver & Liely Whiskey Glass Tasting Performance

Of course, when trying a new glass, it's okay not to try a different whiskey. My first whiskey in this glass Penderyn Madeira Single Malt it happened.

The nosing performance of the glass is really quite successful. During the tasting, I used the Glencairn and Copita glasses simultaneously. I can say that I can get the aromas clearly in 3 glasses. Likewise, inside me, it performs well.

Denver & Liely Whiskey Glass, which I like very much in terms of design, I must say that it looks great in photos too...

If you want to get more detailed information about Denver & Liely, you can take a look at their web pages. (link)

If you would like to obtain a Denver & Liely glass, the Turkish distributor Trend Tobacco You can contact with

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