We can say that Dewar's 15 is a premium blend, consisting of a blend of malt and grain whiskeys aged for at least 15 years in old bourbon and sherry barrels. in the center AberfeldyThe blend, which contains i, stands out with its easy-drinking and elegant character.

Dewar's 15 The Monarch (Scottish Blend, 40% abv)

Nose: Lemon, honey and dried fruits are in the foreground. Right after, oak and malt. Spacious, elegant and soft.

Palate: Apple, cinnamon and hazelnut are added to the aromas of lemon, honey and dried fruit on the nose. It has a very soft and creamy texture.

Finish: Dry fruits, vanilla and very slightly grassy. I would say short to medium in length.

Comment: An expression that will make those who like soft-tasting sweet whiskey happy. It can be a good choice especially for those looking for a light whiskey in the summer.

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Dewar's 15
Soft, light and sweet.
82%Overall Score
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