Veviski Podcast broadcasts are starting!

We will talk about the culture of drinking, especially whiskey, in the podcasts that will be called Drink & Talk.

Podcast broadcasts, which have been increasing in recent years, have gradually started to be in demand in our country. I wanted to enter the world of Podcasts in response to the requests for me to produce content in this field as well.

As you know, I have been writing articles about whiskey culture on for about 4 years and I have shared nearly 500 articles so far. In addition, I also give trainings on whiskey culture under the name of WhiskyTalks.

The purpose of the Drink & Talk Podcast will be to contribute to my articles and trainings through a different channel, and also to enable whiskey aficionados to follow the contents in different situations.

Our main topic at Drink & Talk will of course be whiskey, but I also plan to publish on different topics such as cigars, rum and coffee.

Drink & Talk | To listen to the veviski Podcast:

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