“Is there whiskey in a tea glass, or is a tea glass really the best whiskey glass?” These are the questions I get the most from both social media and my environment lately.

Actually “Tea cup & Whiskey” It's a topic that has been known, discussed, and even joked about for a while. But in the past few days Craft Whiskey Boys The fact that a whiskey account named, shared a post on the same questions on Youtube, brought the issue to the agenda again, especially in our country.

I wanted to answer with an explanatory article on this subject, which was very curious and I received dozens of questions on social media.

How did the tea cup & whiskey story begin?

Everything Cardinal Spirits The tea glass that we have been using in our homes for years by an American company called “The Perfect Whiskey Glass”. “Perfect whiskey glass” It starts with showing. In its statements, the company says that this “perfect and innovative” design was developed by David Hill as a result of long research…

Cardinal Spirits supports this argument with different visuals and cool narrations. As you can see in the image below, it is claimed that thanks to its design, the glass separates the unwanted odor of alcohol from aromas and thus offers a perfect tasting performance.

Along with all these claims, the company continues to sell our traditional slim waistbands that we have been using for more than 100 years. “Blasadh glass” under the name, 6 of them are offered for sale as 54$…

It soon turns out that this “unique” design is not really unique, and the reactions begin… The company first adds the phrase “Turkish design” to its design, and then cuts the price in half. When we look now, we see that the company has closed this glass for sale.

Let's come to my comments about the questions asked...

I want to start by saying that the tea glass is not the "best" whiskey glass. This statement is valid not only for tea glasses, but for all whiskey glasses in the market.

As in every subject, comments such as "The Best" or "The Most Appropriate" can mislead us. These comments may vary from person to person and according to the purpose of use.

I usually taste Glencairn or Copita I prefer. Recently these two Amber Whiskey GlassI also added . If I drink for pleasure, I usually Denver & Liely I use.

The tea glass may not be the “best or most suitable glass” for drinking whiskey, but I think it is a very good option for drinking whiskey…

When we compare our traditional tea glass with glasses such as Glencairn and Amber Glass, we can see slight similarities in their designs.

Glencairn Goblet

Canadian Glencairn

Many tasting glasses stand out with their wide, oval bowls and tapering rims. These 2 features, which are indispensable for Nosing, are also present in the design of the tea glass. This, in my opinion, makes the teacup a “usable” glass for whiskey tasting.

To summarize;

As I always say, drinking whiskey is a pleasure, and whiskey is drunk the way you want it. I can also include the glass used in me in this view. It can be used to drink any glass of whiskey that feels good and enjoyable on your table and in your hand.

For this reason, I think our traditional tea glasses, which we have been using for years, are quite suitable for both whiskey drinking and tasting. If you don't have a whiskey tasting glass at home, the tea glass can be a good substitute.

You don't need to buy a "Blasadh glass" from brands like Cardinal Spirits for this, any wide bowl and narrow mouth tea glass will do.

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