In my first Vlog on YouTube, I take you to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland!

My main goal in the whiskey capital, where I stayed for 3 days, was to attend Edinburgh Whiskey Academy's “Art of Tasting” training. Of course, my trip was not just about education…

In this video, along with the training I attended, I shared with you the must-see spots in the city and the cigar shops, whiskey bars and cocktail bars that drink culture enthusiasts must visit.

Along with these, I shared information about this new brand as well as whiskey and gin production during my tour to the newly opened Holyrood distillery.

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See you in the next videos!

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  1. sea


    First of all, the site is very nice and funny. When it comes to reading whiskey, texts that often bore people, with few visuals and drowned in technical details, come to mind. The site is visually rich and satisfying. The Youtube channel may have short videos about whiskey tastings and expressions. Or, enjoyable videos such as the history of Jonnie Walker on the site can be included. Your work is very successful. Congratulations.


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