Product placement is a marketing method preferred by many brands from different sectors. We can briefly summarize this marketing method as showing certain products of the brand to the audience during the natural flow of a movie or series. With this method, which we have frequently encountered in our country in recent years, it is aimed to show the natural use of products to the target audience.

The best-known examples of product placement are:

Cast Away – Fedex, Back to the Future – Nike, Matrix – Nokia, James Bond – Aston Martin and Top Gun – Ray Ban.

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Especially in recent years, we see that many whiskey brands are promoting their products by placing their products in certain TV series and movies.

kingsman and Glendronach, skyfall and Macallan, Peaky Blinders and Bushmills, Blade Runner and Johnnie Walker, Parks and Recreation and Lagavulin are just a few examples that come to mind…

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In addition to world-famous whiskey brands, it is possible to see unknown whiskey brands in TV series and movies.

For example;

Glencallan, Glengoolie, Balmoor, Glen McKenna, Clyburn, McCleary, Glen Dochart, GlenKnolls, MacCutcheon, Stafford TwinWood…

If you have never heard of these brands, do not start questioning your whiskey knowledge right away, it is quite normal not to know. Because these brands are fiction whiskey brands that are created only for TV shows and movies and are not actually sold!

fiction whiskeysis the result of a detailed study by the art teams of the movies/series. If you look carefully at the whiskey bottles, you can see that there are even details such as the country, region and year of the whiskey. If you add to this the similarity of the names and bottles of the brands to the real brands, it is really difficult to realize that these whiskeys are fiction.

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“So why use fictional brands instead of real ones?” If you are wondering, we can show the reason for this as the producers wanting to avoid the copyright fee to be given to the brands and this agreement process, or the directors do not want their works to be associated with any brand.

As a whiskey aficionado, I suggest you pay a little more attention to the whiskeys you drink in the TV series and movies you will watch from now on. The fictional brands you will come across may surprise you…

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