First of all, Finlaggan's Islay whiskey though Finlaggan Let me start by stating that there is no distillery named after him. 

Finlaggan Old Reserve, The Vintage Malt Whiskey Company It is produced with whiskey supplied by an independent bottler named Islay from an Islay distillery. The location of this distillery is not disclosed…

The brand takes its name from the Finlaggan area located in Islay. On the bottle is Finlaggan castle (it would be more accurate to say its ruins), which is estimated to have been built in the 13th century.

Finlaggan Old Reserve (İskoç Single Malt, %40 abv)

Nose: Notes of peat, moss and salt are the first to stand out. In particular, I found the salt very dominant. Afterwards, light medicinal notes are felt. As the glass got airy, vanilla and citrus notes became clear. 

Palate: The salty notes on the nose explode on the palate. It's like eating salted peanuts... Sooty, burnt notes on the palate are more prominent than peat. It also creates a feeling of numbness as if you have eaten a grain of black pepper with salt and soot. As in the nose, slightly sweet aromas such as vanilla and caramel appear as it airs a little.

Finish: Medium length, intense salt and peat flavors. 

Comment: Although Finlaggan Old Reserve has enough soot and peat notes to satisfy Islay lovers, it falls short in terms of balance for me. I especially found the salty and peppery notes on the palate very dominant.

Although it is a successful Islay whiskey in terms of price-performance, it creates the impression of a younger whiskey when compared to other brands in the region.

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Finlaggan Old Reserve
Salty and spicy aromas are dominant. Although unbalanced in character, it is a good price-performance Islay whiskey.
77%Overall Score
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