One of America's most popular bourbons Four Roses‘un bu ekspresyonu 5 ila 6 yıl arasında meşe fıçılarda olgunlaştırılıp, %40 alkol seviyesi ile şişeleniyor.

Four Roses Kentucky Straight Bourbon (Bourbon, 40% abv)

Nose: First notes of honey and grain. In addition to them, oak, vanilla and caramel. A slight sourness is felt with lemon notes. A clear nose. I can call this freshness the smell of freshly cut grass. As it airs, the lemon notes decrease, resulting in a more pleasant, balanced nose.

Palate: Quite soft and easy to drink. Spices and cinnamon are in the foreground. A slightly charcoal and drying palate. Oak on the nose, honey and grain are also visible on the palate.

Finish: A short, charcoal, spicy and sweet finish. It is as if there was ice in our glass and it melted at the very end and diluted the whiskey… The aromas on the palate disappear after a breath, almost as if water has been added…

Overall: What I like most about Four Roses is that it presents the honey and grain notes in the nose in a very balanced way. The charcoal and spicy notes on the palate are also very successful. The Four Roses, which I find satisfying on the nose and palate, unfortunately perform very poorly in the finish and are somewhat disappointing.

Four Roses Bourbon
77%Overall Score
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