What is whiskey?

Whiskey; It is a kind of alcoholic drink obtained by distilling grains such as barley, wheat, rye or corn after fermentation and maturing for a certain period in various types of barrels (oak, sherry, oloroso sherry, bourbon, etc.).

What are the types of whiskey?

Whiskeys vary according to the grains used in the making and the production processes.

Although there are many types of whiskey, we can basically talk about 7 different whiskey categories.

For detailed information about each whiskey type “What are the Types of Whiskey?” .

How to drink whiskey

I'm sure if we asked this question to a roomful of whiskey lovers, most of them would agree. “Whiskey is drunk dry” will reply. But my opinion is that whiskey should be drunk the way it is desired…

My preference is usually to drink whiskey dry. Especially in malt and complex blended whiskeys, I don't prefer ice because it destroys or reduces the notes I like. But as the weather warms up Bourbon and Tennessee When I switch to whiskeys, I prefer my whiskey with ice because I like ice very well with these whiskeys.

In short, you can choose whiskey with or without ice, with a few drops of water, or with cola if you want. There is no right or wrong here. The important thing is to drink whiskey the way you enjoy it the most!

If you're wondering about the effects of ice and water on whiskey, “Is there any ice in the whiskey?” .

Does whiskey spoil?

Since whiskey is a type of high alcohol drink, it is not possible to spoil it. We can say this for both opened and unopened whiskeys.

Although it is not possible to spoil, whiskeys that are opened experience some loss of taste and smell due to contact with air. For this reason, if you want to taste the real character of the whiskey you buy in every sip, it will be beneficial to consume it as soon as possible.

How should whiskey be stored?

First of all, it should be noted that whiskey is not as fragile as wine and does not require a special space, humidity or temperature level to store whiskey. The cupboard, shelf or a bar you will create according to your taste will be sufficient to preserve the whiskey in your home.

As I mentioned in the previous question, it is not possible for whiskey to spoil, but I can make some suggestions to preserve its character for a long time.

  • Make sure the bottles are tightly closed.
  • Covering the bottle with cling film after opening can be a good solution to prevent the whiskey from getting air.
  • Whiskeys should be stored at room temperature (18-24°C) and should not be exposed to high temperature changes.
  • The environment should not be too humid or too dry.
  • Whiskeys should not be placed in direct sunlight.
  • Whiskeys should be stored upright.
  • If the whiskey bottle is placed horizontally, the liquid may come into contact with the cork and cause the cork to deteriorate. In this case, both the whiskey gets more air and the cork that deteriorates can cause problems when opening the whiskey.

In addition to these, it should be noted that whiskey does not age in the bottle like wine. So if you buy a 12-year-old whiskey and leave it for 10 years, your whiskey will still be a 12-year-old whiskey. This is because the whiskey ages only during the time it spends in the barrels.

How is whiskey produced?

To summarize briefly, whiskey production consists of 5 basic stages. These;

  • malting
  • mashing
  • Fermentation (Fermentation)
  • Distillation (Distillation)
  • maturation

Although these steps differ slightly depending on the country, region, geography or distillery, basically all distilleries apply these steps in the same order and logic.

If you want to learn more about whiskey production “How is whiskey produced?” .

How many calories in whiskey?

The only factor that affects the calorie content of whiskey is the alcohol content of the liquid. This means that the brand, type or age of the whiskey has no effect on calories.

Standart bir viskinin %40 seviyesinde olduğunu düşünürsek, 1 tek viskide (30 ml) 67 kalori bulunmaktadır.

What is the best whiskey?

This question “What is the best meal” I would like to start by stating that it is not much different from the question. No matter how good, tasty or quality a whiskey is said to be, if it doesn't suit your taste buds, the comments made by others are all irrelevant.

As you know, whiskey is a type of drink produced through a very long and arduous process. Even the slightest variation in this production process directly affects the character of the whiskey.

For example, in Islay Many distilleries in the malting phase use peat charcoal to dry the barley (eg Lagavulin, Ardbeg, Laphroaig). Whiskeys produced in this way have very intense sooty characters. If you don't like sooty whiskeys, you may not enjoy whiskeys of this character.

Similar to this example, whiskeys aged in sherry barrels and flavored with dried fruit (Macallan and Glendronach), produced from corn and having a sweet character bourbon whiskeys (Jim Beam, Jack Daniel's) or rye whiskey with spice character as an example. While you may like these whiskeys with different characters, you may not prefer them depending on your taste.

In short, it will show everyone according to their taste. “Best whiskey” It may be different.

As far as I have observed in the tastings and whiskey conversations I attend, in our country it is generally Islay whiskeys or especially recently Japanese whiskeys It is touted as "the best".

The main reason for this is that Turkish tastes are inclined towards sooty whiskeys and “the misconception that expensive whiskeys are good” I think it is.

In which glass is whiskey drunk?

There are many different whiskey glasses on the market. Don't miss the glass, each glass offers you a different drinking performance. Depending on the shape, size and even weight of the glasses, your drinking pleasure can vary greatly.

For detailed information about whiskey glasses “Whiskey Glasses” You can read my post.

Why do whiskeys taste different from each other?

As I mentioned before, whiskey is a type of drink that is produced as a result of a very complex and long process. Consisting of 5 basic stages in the production process Every difference (malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation, maturation) can directly affect the character of the whiskey.

To give a brief example of the differences that may occur at each stage;

  • malting
    • Type of grain, malting method, drying method of grains…
  • mashing
    • The mashing time, the temperature of the water…
  • Fermentation
    • Fermentation rate, temperature, type of tank used for fermentation…
  • distillery
    • The type, size, shape and number of distillation of the stills used for distillation…
  • maturation
    • Maturation time, barrel type, barrel size, location, climate…

Details given above may differ depending on country, region, brand or express.

“Whiskey seems too heavy for me, but I want to try it. What can I do?"

Diğer içkiler ile kıyasladığımızda viskinin oldukça yüksek alkol oranına sahip bir içki türü olduğunu söyleyebiliriz (minimum %40). Bu yüksek oran, viskiye alışık olmayan damakları biraz zorlayabilir.

In this case, the first suggestion that comes to my mind would be to reduce the alcohol content of the whiskey. You can do this by adding a few drops of water to your glass. This method is also widely used in tastings.

In addition to the alcohol content, the character of the whiskey is also very important for those who are just starting out. For first tastings, I think that heavy or hard whiskeys should be avoided.

For example, like Lagavulin or Laphroaig Islay malts These are not whiskeys that I would recommend to those who are not accustomed to whiskey. Instead, in the first stage, it is suitable for many tastes. blend whiskeys, light single malts or known for their soft character Irish whiskeys can be tried.

What do the numbers on whiskey bottles mean?

You will find that many whiskey bottles have numbers like 12, 18, 21 on them. If we are talking about a blend of whiskey, the number on the bottle gives the age of the youngest whiskey in that blend.

For example, 12 on the bottle Johnnie Walker Black LabelIt contains 40 different whiskeys, the youngest being 12 years old. This is the case with both blended whiskeys and malt whiskeys. It should not be forgotten that Single Malt whiskeys are also a mixture…

On some whiskey bottles, you will see that there is no number, that is, the phrase of the year. This type of whiskey No Age Statement (NAS) that is, whiskeys that do not specify the year are called.

We see that the NAS whiskey category has been growing steadily in recent years. Glenlivet, Macallan, Ardbeg, Talisker, Glenmorangie There are many brands such as NAS expressions.

Is whiskey produced in Turkey?

There is currently no whiskey production in Turkey. However, until recently, it was Turkey's first and only domestic whiskey. “Ankara Whiskey” existed.

The production of Ankara Whiskey, owned by Tekel, started in 1963. The production of Ankara Whiskey, which has a significant production amount of approximately 200,000 liters per year, came to an end in 2004 during the privatization of Tekel and its sale to Diageo.

Ankara Whiskey, which was once on the shelves of all houses and bars, is now very difficult to find in the market. I can say that the ones found are collectible whiskeys and their prices are quite high.

If you are wondering how Ankara whiskey tasted? You may take a look at my article .

In which countries is whiskey produced?

whiskey is usually Scotland, Ireland and America Whiskey is produced in many different countries. In recent years, we have heard the names of Japan and CanadaTaiwan and India, which have won many awards in international competitions, are the first places that come to my mind. We can add countries such as France, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, South Africa, and Australia to these countries.

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  1. erkin

    I think that the whiskeys sold in Turkey do not go through the stages mentioned above. The example says tinted with sugar butterscotch. Thus, it has a double carcinogenic effect.

    • & Whiskey

      Some brands use trace amounts of caramel in their whiskeys to ensure color standardization. However, this caramel has no effect on taste and smell. This is not the case in Turkey, but in all markets. Whiskeys sold in Turkey also pass through the production stages I have mentioned.

  2. Cahit

    First of all, thanks for this good information. Do you have a whiskey recipe you can share with us?

    • & Whiskey

      Thank you for your comment 🙂 Although I have a great interest in whiskey culture, unfortunately I have no knowledge about home production…

  3. Blog World

    Hello, thanks for your article. We are waiting for you at the social sharing and meeting point of bloggers. In this way, you can promote your content to other bloggers and easily communicate with other bloggers. Good work.

    • & Whiskey

      Thanks for the resource. However, it has been stated that whiskey will deteriorate in 10-20 years, which is not correct information. We can talk about loss of aroma and character change, but no deterioration.

  4. suarto

    I had a bottle of johnnie walker whiskey in the display case bought in 1979 . Easy to say, exactly 40 years old. I was quite hesitant about whether to drink or not. One day I opened it, tasted it, did not see any abnormality. I have been drinking 2 sec every night for 4 days. I'm not poisoned, I'm still standing. Today is the 5th day, whiskey lovers.

    • & Whiskey

      You did very well! “Whiskey doesn't spoil, but if you don't drink it for a long time, it may spoil for you…” 🙂 Bon appetit!

  5. Osman

    I found William Grantis and Jhonnie Walker on the roof. The city I live in is cold in winter and hot in summer. They have been on the roof for 11 years. The old bottle has no marbles in the mouth of the bottle. The covers are like metal. One of them has mildew-like stains. Do you think it can be smoked or sold?

    • & Whiskey

      Since whiskey is normally a high-alcohol drink, we can't talk about spoilage, but since you're talking about mold, I don't want to comment without seeing it. If you have an idea of tasting, I recommend you try to understand it by smell first. As for the selling part, as far as I understand the standard expressions will therefore have no collectible value.

  6. Mert

    I wonder if there is a supermarket chain in Turkey that is rich in alcohol variety or whiskey variety. do you know any For example, I can't find the Lagavulin variety to buy, I would appreciate it if you could help :).

    • & Whiskey

      You have asked a very broad question by saying “in Turkey”… 🙂 I usually buy from local chains or certain sales points in Istanbul. I also have access to many different types.

      • Fehmi

        Hello me too. I have Johnnie Walker 750 ml, the date on the cap is 1092, but how can we find out how long it waits before bottling?

      • & Whiskey

        Hello! The ripening time has nothing to do with the number you give. This time is included directly on the label of the expression. For example, we know that Johnnie Walker Black Label is 12 years old. If the year is not shared, we can only speculate.

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