Whiskey and coffee are beverages with a rich culture and complex flavors and are passionately loved by their enthusiasts. Especially in recent years, we have started to see different developments in both the coffee and whiskey world.

Coffee Factors such as increasing boutique coffee shops in the sector, different brewing methods, conscious consumers seeking different experiences, and the increasing demand for "specialty" coffees are just a few of these developments.

In the same way, innovations such as the use of different barrels and grains in the whiskey world, the increase in NAS (year not specified) whiskeys, the participation of different countries in the race are among the developments that shape this sector.

While the whiskey and coffee industries have developed independently of each other, we can see that the paths of these two rich drinks have crossed, especially in recent years.

As you may recall, a Tennessee whiskey brand Jack Daniel's has also recently announced that it has added roasted coffee beans with the addition of their classic expression, Old No.7. (for my article on this topic).

Another news that will excite coffee and whiskey lovers is an American coffee shop chain. Starbuckscame from

Starbucks at the Roastery shop in Seattle coffee beans aged in whiskey barrels announced that it will be on sale.

To make the coffees, the beans of Sulawesi (one of the 4 big islands of Indonesia) are kept for several weeks in newly emptied whiskey barrels. Barrels is a local distillery based in Washington. Woodinville Whiskey, Co.It is supplied from.

In order to ensure that all the beans in the barrel are in contact with the barrel and get the maximum aroma, the locations of the beans are changed regularly.

Beans kept in whiskey barrels will be presented to customers in 2 different ways.

  • Barrel-aged Con Cream: Coffee made with beans that have been kept in whiskey barrels is poured over vanilla syrup and served with cold Con cream foam.
  • Barrel-aged Cold Brew: With cold distilled coffee, you can get intense vanilla and caramel flavors from whiskey barrels.

Unfortunately these coffees only SeattleYou can find it at a special Starbucks store in . However, considering that many trends have spread to other countries in a short time, it may not be a dream to drink these coffees in our country in the coming years.


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