Irish whiskey giant Jameson and Muğla boutique beer brand Gara Guzu They made a great collaboration! With this collaboration, the two brands are launching a product that will excite both beer and whiskey aficionados: A Stout beer aged in Jameson barrels! 

This special beer, which will bear the name Gara Guzu Oak, is produced by keeping it in barrels that have been matured by Jameson for a period of 4 months. With this barrel touch, it is aimed to add complex and intense aromas to the beer.

The 20 barrels used for the holding process were brought to the country from Ireland after a months-long process with “a lot of difficulties”. The barrels, each of which is 200 liters, have been used 3 times before for whiskey maturation. This too It means that whiskey has matured in them for approximately 12-15 years. 

Gara Guzu Meşeli, which will be produced in approximately 7-8 thousand bottles, will start to be included in the menus of selected venues towards the end of January 2020.

My tasting notes for Gara Guzu Oak:

Gara Guzu Oak (%9 abv, Stout Beer)

Nose: Roasted scents accompany the aromas of hops, bitters, coffee, balsamic and molasses.

Palate: Quite creamy and bodied. Roasted aromas are dominant as in the nose. Coffee, chocolate, caramel and hops.

Finish: A long burnt finish with dark, caramel and hops.

Overall: Gara Guzu Oak is a very dignified, aromatic and strong beer. Its very creamy and foamy structure, together with its aroma intensity, is really successful.

To give more detailed information about the production process of Gara Guzu Meşeli;

A stout beer is mashed using highly roasted malts. The taste is enriched by adding Muğla pine honey and vanilla sticks. It is fermented at 20°C for a week and left to rest at 8°C for 10 days.

Afterwards, it is taken into Jameson aged oak barrels for 4 months. At the end of this period, the beer taken from the kegs is blended in large tanks and the taste of the beer is homogenized. Finally, it is bottled with carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas at an alcohol grade of %9.

The coming together of the Irish giant Jameson and the boutique brewer from Muğla and producing such a product… A very good story, a very good product! As a whiskey aficionado, Jameson, Garaguzu, who contributed to the emergence of Meşeli Cherry PR Many thanks to your teams.

It was a wonderful experience for me to sip the story of this special beer while listening to the words of the creators of the Gara Guzu brand, dear Ataç and Akgonca.

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    • & Whiskey

      Places where you can experience Meşeli: The Townhouse, Bina Bar, Back Room, Place Moda, Tree House, Rock'N Rolla, Zeplin Göztepe (Istanbul Anadolu) Cosmonaut Bomonti, Hunhar Topağacı, Joker 19, Cosmonaut Nişantaşı, Kaia Bebek, Tavern Bar, Markus, James Joyce Pub, Corner Irish Pub (Istanbul Europe), Kepler, Rast Beer Garden (Izmir), and Irish Town (Ankara).

  1. Ali Veli

    You still haven't learned the difference between heat and temperature.

  2. ErkanS

    Merhaba, çok güzel bira benzerini yapmaya çalışacağım ama hangi şerbetçi otları kullanılmış bulamadım. 🙂 sizde bu bilgi var mı?

    • whiskey

      Unfortunately I do not have this information. You can reach the manufacturer via Instagram and ask.

  3. Baha

    Unfortunately it is no longer produced. Stocks are also out of stock. The Red Ale and Snowy Beech still available are worth a try. If you can't find it in the markets, you can buy it from the production facility in Muğla.



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