This time of the year is one of the questions that bother us all.”What gift should I get for Christmas?" the question is. We think for hours, maybe even days, to find the best and most suitable gift, and we probably leave this job to the last moment...

If the person you want to gift is a whiskey lover and you still haven't found the right gift for them, this article may be useful for you!

Whiskey Glass

The whiskey glass, which is indispensable for whiskey pleasure, can be a very stylish gift for Christmas. There are many whiskey glasses that serve different purposes. I can highlight two of them without confusing you.

The first is the Glencairn whiskey glass. This glass has many international awards and is an ideal glass for whiskey tasting. If the person you want to buy a gift is interested in buying and tasting different whiskeys Glencairn It may be the right choice.


As another option, a classical type tumbler You might consider a whiskey glass. Although this glass does not have awards like Glencairn, it is a very successful glass in terms of holding and pleasure. It is also visually very stylish…


For many kinds of whiskey glasses including Glencairn and tumbler type Crate and Barrel, Pasabahce and İstinye Park decante Check out their stores.

Whiskey Book

A book about whiskey can be a good gift choice for those who are not only interested in drinking whiskey, but are also curious about whiskey culture and love to read about it. Unfortunately, it is not possible to find a Turkish source on this subject, but there are many whiskey books in foreign languages in many bookstores.


The following books are the ones in my library that I have read over and over again, both carrying important information about whiskey and containing many whiskey tasting notes. I think it will be enjoyable to read for whiskey lovers of all levels.

Ice Mold

Yes, some whiskey lovers are a little sensitive about whiskey and ice. If the person you want to receive a gift from has an approach such as "Whiskey is never drunk with ice", ice cubes may not be the right choice. The biggest advantage of these ices is that they melt later than normal ice and dilute the whiskey less. Also, it gives a really stylish look in your glass.


Water Dripper

With a few drops of water, some molecules in the whiskey react chemically and different notes appear both on the nose and on the palate. This method helps us to reveal the nuns that we cannot get from dry whiskey and to discover the completely different characters of whiskey. If the person you will receive a gift is keen on making small tastings and does not have a water dripper, you can choose a stylish one. water dripper It can be a very nice gift. In this way, tasting activities will become much more enjoyable.


In the past weeks, I shared an article about the effects of both water and ice on whiskey. If you want to take a look from this link You can access the article.


A fine chocolate is arguably one of the best accompaniments to whiskey. According to the taste of the person you will receive the gift, you can choose the chocolate you want intense, dark, milk, almond pieces or orange. My favorite high cocoa dark chocolates with whiskey…

  • After Eight Dark
  • Lindt Dark Orange Almond Silver
  • Ferrero Rocher
  • Nestlé Bitter %82

whiskey chocolate


pocket flask It has always been my favorite whiskey accessory. It is an accessory that can be very stylish not only for sipping your whiskey, but also in a corner of your living room or next to your whiskey collection.

My preference is for small flasks due to their ease of carrying. But many different sizes and shapes canteen variety available.

Oak Barrel

Whiskey matures only in barrels. So if you take a 12-year-old whiskey and leave it for 10 years, the whiskey will still be 12 years old. But there is one way to mature the whiskey you buy, and that is to mature the whiskey in your own barrel.

Specially designed to allow you to mature whiskey at home over the last few years. miniature oak barrels The number of companies selling I haven't come across a Turkish company that sells miniature oak barrels yet, but there are many foreign companies that you can order and have them brought to Turkey.

With miniature oak barrels, the person you want to buy a gift can make different discoveries by maturing the whiskeys to the desired length.



And of course whiskey… For a whiskey lover, a bottle of whiskey is never a bad gift. If you decide to buy whiskey, a second question arises here: Which whiskey should I buy?

Here you can follow 2 ways. The first is to buy a whiskey that the person you want to gift has never tried. For this, you can try to take a word from your mouth during a conversation. The second way is to buy a whiskey that this person has tried and liked before. For this, you can learn the whiskey brands that he likes the most in a chat. If you find it difficult to learn this way, you can take a look at the empty bottles in the whiskey collection. He will be delighted to see that an empty bottle has been replaced by a full one.

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