A limited edition exclusive Glen Scotia expression for the 2018 Campbeltown Malts Festival event. Glen Scotia 2008 Vintage, which was distilled in 2008 and aged in the first filled bourbon barrels for about 10 years, was kept in Ruby Port barrels for 6 months. It is bottled in barrel hardness with an alcohol grade of 57.8.

Thanks to Levent Dülgeroğlu for sharing this special bottle in his collection. (WhiskeySurfer) thank you so much!

Glen Scotia 2008 Vintage Campbeltown Malts Festival (Scottish Single Malt, 57.8% abv)

Nose: Fruity aromas such as vanilla, grape and apricot are the first scents I've picked up. In addition, there are intense sweet notes that I can call vanilla and chocolate cake. Next comes salt, leather and oak. The harmony of sweet and salty aromas… Even though alcohol makes itself felt, it does not disturb.

Palate: A strong palate with mouthwatering and intensely sweet aromas. Red apples, grapes, lemons and red fruits… Immediately after the sweet aromas, I got a spicy and slightly bitter taste. Behind is burnt oak and very little salt.

Finish: Medium to long, sweet-sour and very slightly sooty.

Comment: The most important feature of this expression for me is that it offers sweet, salty and sooty flavors at the same time. Although sweet flavors (especially on the palate) are a bit more dominant than other flavors, Glen Scotia 2008 Vintage is a balanced, intense and rich expression overall.

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Glen Scotia 2008 Vintage
An intense and rich expression that is dominated by sweet aromas but also presents salty and sooty notes in a balanced way.
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