Glencadam 15 is the expression of the Highland distillery, Glencadam. After it has matured in Bourbon barrels for 15 years, it's bottled unchillfiltered with 46% abv.

Founded in 1825, Glencadam is a very traditional distillery. They used to produce malt whisky mostly for blended whiskies, yet after being acquired by Angus Dundee in 2003, they started focusing more on their own malt bottling. The 15 years old malt was the first example of these bottlings, which they released in 2005.

Glencadam 15 (Single Malt Scotch, 46% abv)

Nose: The Bourbon casks effect is quite visible. Caramel, vanilla, honey and malt notes are followed by chocolate and oak. It's almost like smelling a Bourbon… With a few swirls, the fresh fruit character of Glencadam shows itself.

Palate: Caramel, malt, honey, bitter and toffee flavors are followed by cinnamon, black pepper and oak. Sweet and spicy notes are well-balanced. Dryness and a little warmth appears at the end.

Finish: A medium length spicy finish with toffee, malt, oak and black pepper.

Comment: I had the chance to taste Glencadam 15 for the first time with the brand's 10 and 13 years old expressions is an online tasting with Euan Baird, Glencadam's marketing officer. It's always difficult to point my favorite as each whisky offers very different experiences, yet 15 years old was the one whisky that I continued to enjoy after the tasting. It is a pleasant Highland malt that shows the bourbon cask effect very well.


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Glencadam 15
A delightful Highland malt that shows the bourbon cask effect very well.
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