Glendronach 2002 Single Cask No.4648, Pedro Ximénez şeri fıçılarında 15 yıl boyunca olgunlaşmış, %54,7 alkol derecesiyle fıçı sertliğinde (Cask Strength) Single Cask as a very special expression, bottled from a single cask.

The expression 4648 in the name of the expression indicates from which barrel the bottle was filled. When we look closely at the label, we see that this bottle is the 207th of the 678 bottles that came out of the 4689 barrel.

Glendronach 2002 Single Cask No.4648 was distilled on 20.06.2002, bottled in the last months of 2017 and launched in February 2018.

Glendronach 2002 Single Cask No.4648 (Scottish Single Malt, 53.8% abv)

Nose: It's like an aged rum… Lots of caramel, brown sugar, grapes and chocolate. In addition, oak and honey scents are also quite distinctive. It's like giving the news of a rich palate...

Palate: The rum character is evident on the palate as well as on the nose. Creamy and full-bodied. Caramel and raisin flavors are accompanied by cinnamon and milk chocolate. Quite aromatic and rich…

Finish: A long finish with cinnamon, vanilla and sherry.

CommentA highly aromatic and full-bodied whiskey. I can say that it is one of my favorite whiskeys.

We made this expression for the first time with Gusto Whiskey Club. “Malts Crowned with Sherry” I had the opportunity to try it out. Many thanks to Özgür Özlen for sharing this special bottle with us for tasting!

Glendronach 2002 Single Cask
A rich expression with pronounced sweet aromas. Extremely aromatic and filling.
97%Overall Score
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