Glengoyne Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky has created “The Offline Edition” - a limited-edition whisky release comes with a unique box that designed for switching off and enjoying uninterrupted moments with others.

Glengoyne collaborated with the co-founders of BLOCK on the project which draws attention to the fact that all of us are constantly "online". According to last researches, 38% of UK adults admits they constantly check their phones when they spend time with their families and friends. Additionally, 52% of Uk adults also admits they just forget the context of the conversation and what they are saying mid-conversation because they are distracted by it.

Glengoyne's Offline Edition box aims to save you from these digital disruptions and helps yo you to enjoy uninterrupted moments with your friends and families. The Offline Edition’ uses an aluminium inner cylinder to turn this world’s first whisky box into a digital black spot - blocking out electromagnetic signals for up to four smartphones place inside. Then just enjoy your whisky and conversation with any digital interruption.

I think the idea of Offline Box is very compatible with the brand's "Unhurried since 1833" motto. Glengoyne distillery, which I had the chance to visit in the past months, stands out with their slow distillation process. In the words of the brand, distillation is done slowly, calmly, unhurried. Slow distillation increases the reflux inside the stills, resulting in a softer, lighter whisky.

A huge thanks to Glengoyne for sending this special box and the Glengoyne The Legacy Series Chapter Three bottle.

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