Scotland's lowland standard expression of the Glenkinchie distillery located in Glenkinchie 12, %43 alkol oranına ve 12 yıllık olgunlaşma süresine sahip. Glenkinchie’nin bu ekspresyonu, içinde Lagavulin 16, Talisker 10, Cragganmore 12, Oban 14gibi ikonik Single Maltların bulunduğu Diageo's Classic Malts He is in the series as the representative of the Lowland region.

Glenkinchie 12, together with Auchentoshan, is one of the two Lowland brands on sale in Turkey. Until very recently, he carried this title alone.

Founded in 1837 by brothers John and George Rate, the distillery is located approximately 25 km from the center of Edinburgh. Located in a wonderful area with lush trees and many farms, Glenkinchie is due to its proximity to the city. “Edinburgh Malt” Also known as.

You may look at my notes from my trip to the Glenkinchie distillery from this link .

Glenkinchie 12 (İskoç Single Malt, %43 abv)

Nose: Fruity aromas such as lemon and orange are in the foreground. These are accompanied by notes of grass, straw, grain and malt. Additionally vanilla and oak. It has a fresh and spacious character.

Palate: A palate that is very compatible with the nose. Orange and lemon are still prominent. Additionally grass and macaroon. A very warm palate…

Finish: It is quite dry, very spicy and of medium length.

Overall: Glenkinchie 12 is a spicy and warm expression with fruity and floral aromas.

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Glenkinchie 12
A spicy and warm expression with fruity and floral aromas.
81%Overall Score

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