Launched with the motto "Made for Mixing", Glenmorangie X is designed by the distillery's chief distillery, Dr. A special Single Malt created by Bill Lumsden. Distinguished from the usual Scottish bottles with its colorful and bright bottle design, Glenmorangie X is an expression of the brand to respond to the increasing cocktail trend in recent years.

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Glenmorangie X (İskoç Single Malt, %40 abv)

Nose: Fresh fruity scents such as apple, pear and orange are accompanied by honey, caramel, coconut, biscuit (cicibebe) and chestnut.

Palate: A mouth-watering sweetness with orange, pear, honey and lime flavors. These flavors are accompanied by cinnamon, ginger and white pepper. The spice and alcohol character is a little more pronounced.

Finish: Medium length, pear, caramel, cinnamon, ginger.

Overall: Since Glenmorangie X is a whiskey created for cocktails, I would like to make my comments about its use in cocktails rather than straight. But I must say that I still find it pleasant to drink dry.

I can say that Glenmorangie X, with its sweet and fresh character, created a good content in many cocktails I tried. Especially good for sweet cocktails. In a tall glass with plenty of ice, 1 scale of Glenmorangie X – 1.5 scales of tonic or practical mixes such as Ice Tea is also very good.

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Glenmorangie X
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