Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer is a product that made me very excited when I first heard the news. I have referred to beer from time to time in my articles and reviews on, but this would be my first beer review. Of course, the fact that I am a big Guinness and Cold Brew lover has a big share in this…

Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer, which was offered for sale in the UK in the past days (April 2022), is the brand's new innovative product. I don't know how accurate it would be to say "Beer" directly, because it is made by mixing beer and Cold Brew. I am quite happy to see that coffee-flavored drinks have increased in recent years, yet I can say that many of these products have disappointed me. For this reason, I tasted Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer with great excitement while keeping my expectations low.

Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer has an alcohol content of %4 is sold in 440ml cans and contains approximately 2mg of caffeine. That's the same amount as a decaf coffee.

My tasting notes for Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer;

Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer is dominated by distinctive caramel, marshmallow and coffee notes that start as soon as you open the can and continue until the last sip, as the brand promises. When you pour it into your glass, the foam is quite dense and persistent, like Guinness's standard Stout. In terms of taste, it first reminded me of a slightly sweet Espresso Martini. I would say, I get the character of coffee more than beer. Sweet notes are dominant instead of the roasted flavors of Guinness. Chocolate, caramel and cappuccino. It has a very light, smooth texture. Definitely a must drink ice cold.

Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer made more of a cocktail impression on me than a beer. I didn't get the earthy, dark flavors that I normally expect from a Cold Brew, but I enjoy it ver much, since I love coffee cocktails. I also think it can even be tried in coffee cocktails.

Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer
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