Suntory, the maker of Hakushu and Hibiki whiskeys, Hakushu 12 and Hibiki 17 decided to stop the sale of their expressions! 
According to the Japanese company's statement, Hakushu 12 will be withdrawn from the shelves next month and Hibiki 17 as of September. The reason for this decision is that the demand for these 2 expressions has increased and the productions cannot meet this demand.

It is unknown when these expressions will take their place on the shelves again…

If you have one of these 2 bottles on hand, I recommend keeping it! Because while the availability of the whiskeys that have been stopped for sale in the market is decreasing, their value is also increasing!

In recent years, we have heard that similar decisions have been made due to the great interest in Japanese whiskeys and the increasing demand accordingly.
Another expression of the same decision by Suntory in 2015 Hibiki 12He bought it by stopping its production. Similarly, another Japanese manufacturer Nikka also went to the quota application in many countries and decided not to enter different new markets. 

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