As with any cocktail, there are many rumors about when, where and how Highball originated. But among those rumors, it's the story that's been most talked about when Highball originated in Boston in the late 1800s when EJ Ratcliffe, a famous British actor, ordered his whiskey at the bar with soda and ice.

Leaving aside the rumors, the most important thing we need to know with Highball is that this cocktail is very practical to prepare and very open to creativity. It would not be wrong to say that we owe the increasing popularity of this cocktail in recent years to this convenience.


  • 5cl whiskey
  • lots of ice
  • Soda


  1. Fill your tall Highball goblet to the brim with ice.
  2. Add 5 cl of whiskey and soda until the glass is full. This much!

As I mentioned at the beginning of my article, Highball is a cocktail that is very open to personal preferences. You can add whatever you want to the base tariff I have given. For example, you can add cherry, peach or hibiscus syrup, use different juices or add different bitters.

Speaking of Highball Japan Not without opening a separate parenthesis for it. This cocktail, consisting of a mixture of whiskey and soda, is a very popular cocktail, especially in Japan. I had the opportunity to observe this on site in a few Japanese whiskey bars I went to in Bangkok. Japanese style Highball is usually made with Japanese blends such as Suntory Toki, Suntory Kakubin and Nikka Blended and served with long hand cut ice.

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2 Responses

  1. ChelseaNy

    Having been to Bangkok 12 times and to Southeast Asia countless times, I suggest you try snake whiskey. A bottle I bought from Laos 13 years ago is still in my house, it has a snake in it and I can't bear to open it. I can't join your tour, but I'm looking forward to the videos.

    • whiskey

      I drank whiskey with scorpion in it before, it was interesting. 🙂 But frankly, these whiskeys are sold for visual purposes, which are unclear. It is an interesting detail that a snake or scorpion is kept waiting, but it should not create an expectation in terms of taste. The last time I saw an old bottle with a snake in the archives of Johnnie Walker Princes Street, I asked what it was used for. They said it was purely for visual purposes 🙂



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