Just like whiskey, coffee is a beverage with very rich and complex flavors, passionately loved by its enthusiasts and having a certain culture. Just as barley, oats and corn, which are some of the components of the taste of whiskey, differ according to the region where they are grown, the taste of coffee can also differ according to the place where the bean is grown. Although not very often, we can see the use of these two complex flavors together in some cocktails.

First of all, we all know Irish Coffee is coming.

The adventure of coffee with whiskey dates back to the 1940s.

Irish man chef at a restaurant located very close to the airport in Limerick, Ireland Joe Sheridan, prepares a drink by combining whiskey and coffee, both to bring weary travelers to their senses and to warm them in bad Irish weather conditions, and we all know "Irish Coffee“It will appear.


Photo Credit: phoxpopmagazine.com

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