Last week, we had a great tasting with a few of my close friends.

Two of my friends in the group have just returned from Ireland and brought some great Irish whiskeys with them. During his travels, Teeling and Midleton distillery, they came with very good information and pleasant stories.

We came together to listen to these hot stories and to taste whiskey.

We turned this little tasting into an Irish whiskey night by adding a few more Irish to the whiskeys bought...

Last year, I had the opportunity to visit Teeling and Midleton distilleries on my trip to Dublin. (For my travel articles) In addition to the distilleries, to discover the whiskey bars in Dublin you may take a look at my article. You can also take a look.

The Line up in my tasting was as follows:

  • Bushmills Original
    • Harman, %40 abv
  • Bushmills Black Bush
    • Harman, %40 abv
    • Aged in Oloroso sherry barrels for 8-10 years.
  • Jameson Crested
    • Harman, %40 abv
    • Pot Still and grain blend.
    • Sherry and bourbon are aged in barrels.
  • redbreast 12
    • Single Pot Still, %40 abv
    • Sherry matures in barrels.
  • Redbreast Lustau
    • Single Pot Still, %46 abv
    • American oak, European oak and first fill sherry casks.
  • Connemara Peated
    • Single Malt, %40 abv
    • Peat/Peat is used in its production.

What I would describe as an introduction to Irish whiskeys for my taste Bushmills Original We started with.

To put it bluntly, this expression from Bushmills is not one of my favorite whiskeys. The biggest reason for this is that it has an extremely short finish and an intense grain character… (Detailed tasting notes)

Our second whiskey is a blend of high malt aged 8-10 years in sherry barrels by Bushmills. Bushmills Black Bush it happened. Black Bush distinguished itself from the Original at the very first sniff. Caramel, vanilla, sugar apple and a charcoal scent accompanying them. Vanilla, raisin, chocolate and burnt aromas on the palate. Intense, aromatic and easy to drink! (Detailed tasting notes)

After Bushmills, we tried a special expression of Jameson, the world's best selling Irish whiskey, Jameson Crested. This expression is dedicated to the first whiskey bottled at the brand's distillery in Dublin.

Contains a high percentage of Pot Still whiskey in its blend Jameson CrestedIn addition to bourbon barrels, sherry barrels were also used in the maturation of . I can say that I generally like Crested, which I tried for the first time. Expression with a soft drink offers sweet-spicy aromas in a balanced way.

After blending, it was time for Pot Still Whiskeys, an Irish legend…

Redbreast 12 and Redbreast Lustau Edition…

Bu ikili arasında öncelikle, 12 yıl şeri fıçılarda olgunlaştırılıp %40 alkol seviyesi ile şişelenen redbreast 12We tasted. Redbreast 12 is simply a great whiskey. I'd even say one of the best Irish I've ever had...

It is quite soft and fresh on the nose, but also rich and complex. Fruity and spicy scents are accompanied by vanilla, hazelnut, oak and ginger. There is a wonderful harmony of sweet and spicy aromas on the palate. Sherry, vanilla, honey, citrus, orange peel and light black pepper. The finish is quite long, oily, sweet-spicy and slightly woody. (Detailed tasting notes)

Produced in traditional copper retorts and containing unmalted barley in addition to malted barley. Pot Still Whiskeys They are known for their rather complex and rich characters.

Redbreast Lustau Unlike the 12-year-old, it is matured in 3 different barrels: American oak, European oak and Bodegas Lustau sherry. In short, I can say that Lustau is a slightly sweeter and softer expression than Redbreast 12. It is quite successful but remains in the shadow of 12… (Detailed tasting notes)

Our last whiskey to taste is the only smoked Irish whiskey. Connemara Peated it happened.

Connemara Peated, named “Peated” An expression that does justice to the word (peat) On the nose, sooty and grassy notes are accompanied by honey, lemon and vanilla. On the palate, soot, honey and toffee are in the foreground. Creamy and delicious. The work that started in the nose continues at the end.

Connemara Peated is a must try Irish malt. (Detailed tasting notes)

Summary of Tasting

The star of our Irish tasting is undisputed redbreast 12 it happened…

I tried this expression of Redbreast, one of my favorite Irish brands along with Teeling, for the first time in this taste. I had previously tried the brand's barrel-hard expression, Redbreast 12 Cask Strength, and loved it. But Redbreast 12 has already surpassed him…

If I have to sort, the other expression of the brand for me after Redbreast 12 Redbreast Lustau Edition, right after it Connemara Peated is coming. In terms of price-performance Bushmills Black Bush A whiskey that I find quite successful and that I love.

I would like to thank my friends Tolga and Doruk for this good tasting and wonderful whiskey.

By the way, if you're interested, Tolga's outofofficemate There is a great travel blog called, I definitely recommend you to check it out! (Instagram pages) 

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