Islay Mist is arguably one of my favorite blend whiskeys! Although my dislike of the brand's expressions plays an important role in this, I can say that the biggest reason is the story of the brand and interesting details about the brand.

Even though the cover of Islay Mist looks simple, it actually contains a symbol dating back to the 800-900s. This symbol is the Lord of the Isles, one of Scotland's most noble titles. (Lords of the Isles) seal. If the name of the seal is “The Great Seal of Islay”

The story of the emergence of the brand is also quite different…

A special blend is made to serve the guests on the 21st birthday of Lord Margadale, one of the wealthy people of the time, in the Islay region of Scotland in the 19th century.

In fact, one of the most popular brands in those years was first presented to the guests on their birthday. Laphroiag intended to be served. However, it was commented that Laphroaig would not be suitable for all guests due to its intense sooty and sharp character.

For this reason, they wanted to create an easier-drinking whiskey by mixing Laphroaig with different whiskeys. Laphroaig is headquartered in this blend, with different malt and grain whiskeys from the Speyside region added (Glenlivet is said to be one of these whiskeys).

The resulting blend is so popular that a brand is created in order to bring this blend to larger masses in the coming years, and Islay Mist emerges.

For my Islay Mist tasting notes…

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