The world of whiskey is getting a little more innovative and surprising every day. The increase in premium expressions, different cask maturation, experimental whiskeys, new countries in the market, and different raw material trials, while another innovation is Tennessee whiskey. Jack Daniel'scame from

Jack Daniel's, an American coffee company based in New Jersey World of Coffee Along with Jack Daniel's, roasted coffee beans were added to the market.

Jack Daniel's coffee blend consists of 100% Arabica beans. This blend is the classic expression of the brand. Old No.7 It is roasted moderately and an intense, full-bodied and rich aroma emerges. According to the brand's notes, it is possible to get the classic caramel and vanilla notes in Jack Daniel's whiskeys in this coffee blend.

The sale of coffee products is currently only available in Lynchburg and on the website. I hope that the availability of these products will increase soon and we will have the opportunity to experience these interesting beans.

For detailed information about Jack Daniel's coffee products to the link .

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