Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey is a honey-flavored honey released by American whiskey giant Jack Daniel's. “whiskey liqueur”.

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey, which is made by blending the whiskey produced by the brand through the filtration (Charcoal Mellowing) process of the brand with mead, which is also produced by itself, is bottled with an alcohol grade of .

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey's "whiskey" not a “whiskey liqueur” I would like to emphasize that. We cannot call this drink “whiskey” because it does not have the minimum alcoholic strength of required to be whiskey and it contains mead.

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey (Honey Whiskey Liqueur, 35% abv)

Nose: As expected, the honey scent is quite dominant. Along with that, vanilla, caramel, biscuit and light cinnamon scents.

Palate: The honey we take on the nose and the vanilla and caramel flavors that follow it are also evident on the palate. Compared to the nose, vanilla, oak and cinnamon flavors are more dominant. I also enjoyed filling flavors like milk chocolate and maple syrup. It feels the warmth of whiskey on the palate.

Finish: A medium-length, warm finish with cinnamon, honey and vanilla.

Comment: Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey should be considered a "whiskey liqueur" without comparing it to any other whiskey. It is an option for those who like sweet drinks and enjoy a cold/icy drink, especially in hot weather. It can also be tried in different cocktails.

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Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey
It is an option that can be preferred by those who like sweet drinks and enjoy a cold drink, especially in hot weather.
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